Serena Williams

This is a legend n great of all times.
Such achievements n she 33.
Yenyewe age ain’t nothing but a number.

True.but your engrich is also legendary

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At 33 she’s already too old for women’s tennis so get over the excitement. That game is dominated by 16-22 years olds. At her age, they are usually long retired.

you need an update, refresh, fungua antenna

I like dealing with facts. Quote anything I have said that isn’t correct and counter it with facts. .

I don’t know whether I usually enjoy watching the game or drooling at their short skirt horizon!!

Generally you are correct. Most tennis players are burned out by the time they are hitting their mid-thirties. So its still amazing to see her keeping up with the younglings. If you have noticed Venus is the one who hasn’t really been winning much in the laat year or two. The age has worked on her. Her knees and ankles are shredded by now.
I guarantee you will hear you her retirement by the end of the year.

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So doesn’t that fact that she just won a championship while still ‘too old’ make it amazing?

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why should we not be excited when serena is defying odds and still dominating 16 years since her first grand slam win, when no one seems even close to upsetting her reign, when she has surpassed former greats and shown that you can still compete past 30 years? if she finds the motivation to continue she will still win past 35.


Serena and Venus Williams. Who is the fairest among the two?

Serena looks Yummy.Venus amekauka!!


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She’s exceptional. She will soon break Steffi Graf’s 22 career slams record. Kwanza Shara-moans ni customer kwake. Though, I feel the game needs more young competitors to give the veterans a run for their money.

The mourns with every shot are epic

Am just imagining how she moans in the real game,that would be a bonga point during s*x marathon

Kwani yeye hufiwa kila wakati?

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Yeye ufinywa Kila wakati?, I meant moaning

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Mwili manyama. Maybe they belong in kingdom @Wakanyama

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