September suggestions

Hi ktalkers,
Any suggestions that you need implemented for the month of September. Kindly share

let an ignore button be a block. like the facebook block, you see …

Is it possible to ignore an entire section/category e.g. news & politics etc?

Ban @digi for the month

I’m humbly requesting you to kill yuaselefu this month.

Sasa admin

@Shiroe atuoshe mesho na images.

create a section where ladies can sell paka

Create a section where people with personal differences can square it out.

Sick of nitakuchapa bla bla bla…same characters.

Fungulia handle za @Wakanyama na @aviator aka mama Saitaaaaaaaaaan!!!

Enable us to block some mods, create trump section where Patricia can rant without disturbing us.

Aviator was banned from this platform by one admin who didn’t like his posts, hana handle ingine huku.

Declare September the Month to merge ALL multiple handles.

Shiroe, lobby for at least five more Pink Handles and I will support your idea. The new section you are suggesting will quickly kill the Sex& Relationship forum.

Unataka tubaki 100

Add a future to enable one email themselves a post they would like save.


Kwani KTalk imekuwa trading bourse?

Wacha uongo …