sEpTeMbEr RaIn

Rains in Nairobi in September? for those who’ve been on earth long enough…is this normal?

wHo’S tO SaY whAt’S NOrmAl aND whAt’S Not? BlAMe It oN aaa motherf… I can’t land this.

Climate change na si ya slices


Dude, do you have any idea of what you are talking about or you just take ignorant comments from social media and post them here as facts. If it can rain in the January heat, what stops it raining in September and if at all you went to school and learnt instead of wasting your parents money, how exactly is rain formed?


No its not normal. So is ya ‘intelligence’

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this must be how you ended up writing “I love you” next to passari’s photo instead of making a simple damn tick in the box.


If you don’t know what makes it rain you are so stupid you think kunyesha ni ile tu ya wanawake.

the first two letters you typed would have done it. but it seems your itchy fingers were tired of scratching your anus and you had to go on and show me you went to school.

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send me the tutorial. I could make it and sell it in sahara.

Go back to your schools, ask for a refund and buy your folks back their cows, you are a perfect example of selling a cow to take another cow to school.

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in other news this dere thought his lorry is hovercraft or Cleary he didn’t realize the road was wet[ATTACH=full]125397[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]125398[/ATTACH]


There is reason why the starting word is NO. If indeed you went to school,you would recognize irony anytime anywhere.

But who am I? An ass scratching never went to school bimbo who is itching to display his ignorance.

More power to you @Slim_fit


thanks. right away.

I have celebrated several Christmases in pouring rain and then an idiot is talking about September rain, and the ignoramus even posts it as a thread then he tries to make stoopid smart ass comments, I can slap the silly shit right out of your face.

Why are you going hard on him that you are even questioning his education background? Ama ni chokosh war continuing between you

Hii ya September inaitwa maguna ng’ombe, then kutakauka hadi mwezi wa kumi

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Am not in any way involved in any war with him, only that I had seen the stupid comment elsewhere then he brought it here and attempted to defend it.
Who has gone through the school system and doesn’t understand the Kenyan weather?

Perfect weather for some great sex! Period.


The weather is unpredictable nowadays,it could be the reason why he asked.I also remember a pattern of torrential rains in August which ebbs in the last week of August or the first week of September.Am i a fool too.

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Uliona mvua lini mwisho.How do you manage temps of not less than 36 degrees.No wonder @ art hukuita Ngamiraa