Sentamu kyagulanyi aka Bob Wine is leading with with margin of 65 % from the total votes Cast

we all know how it will go. Transmission will be shut down/total blackout/ then Himuselefu would emerge victorious

Tharaka Nithi ya Uganda bado ina-dip mikono kwa chalk bowl kabla ya kuanza power lifting.

Uganda is a cowdung country

Over 800 voters in Kacherere, Rubaale in Ntungamo District did not vote on Thursday because a ballot box that was allocated to the area was allegedly stolen.

Rubaale is a hotly contested constituency between Ms Naome Kabasharira and the State Minister for Gender, Mr Mwesigwa Rukutana.

Their camps have on several occasions clashed during the campaign season.


Mr Latif Ngonzi, the Electoral Commissioner registrar said that they plan to extend voting in the area to Friday.

Three people, have reportedly been arrested in connection with the incident.

Reports show that the ballot box was stolen after the truck that was hired to deliver voting materials broke down.

Meanwhile, voting has been closed and vote counting is currently underway at most polling stations across the country.

The exercise which was conducted between 7am and 4pm saw a number of hitches where voting was delayed due to reasons ranging from late delivery of polling material to faulty biometric machines.

At St Mbaaga Kiwatule Primary School polling station in Nakawa West Constituency, by 4pm the time voting was meant to end, voters were still queueing.

Reports also show that some voters are returning to polling stations to witness vote counting.

Museveni has pledged to concede defeat if Thursday general election in Uganda is free and fair.

Museveni cast his vote 30 minutes to the closure of the voting process.

Speaking after casting his vote at Karo Secondary School polling station, Rushere, Museveni called for free and fair elections.


President Museveni also asked Ugandans to maintain peace during the vote counting process. :D:D:D

There’s ZERO chance Bobi becomes raïs.

By 8:15 am morning the story will be different.

Ssebo anakamua Bobbie chang’aa Hadi Kwa settings.


As at 6.30am Museveni leads with3.5M and Musician closely at 1.5M.

Kagurani aitishe nusu mkate na mkeka nusu kilishaibiwo kitambo

Tharaka nithi ya Kampala bado. Huko ndio strong hold ya incumbent.

M7 amezima net yote Ug so what do you except. Media houses fear him and army and police are all under him.Him kiti ameinyakua until his death.

Himuselufu will declare Himuselufu the winner…

Uganda kwa elections ni kama Kenya to, no difference

Ata ashinde by all votes himuselfu will be president. You must be dumb if you don’t know Bobi is funded, dressed and coached by “foreign interests” as himuselfu said.

Uganda is a 4th world country

Kenya pana ujinga sana lakini kwa ukatili Uganda wametuzidi maradufu.