First couple of episodes are out on torrent. This looks good.
Part of it was what was being shot here around globe or something like that some months back

kali sana…by the way, mtu huona netflix aje ukiwa kenya.

you need a VPN to watch it

am on it mboys,lakini nimesoma reviews sio poa sana but fuck it wazungu ni watiaji walisema marco polo ilikuwa down,maumbwa

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I have the first three…watching them tonight if @nairobilay does’t come through:p

I would love to come through but I do not have those 9inches you are looking for…my head game strong though!!:stuck_out_tongue:

Si next year ifike haraka Banshee na Better call saul zirudi

Is it free? (netflix)

Nope. Subscription service

This thing is deadly. just finished episode 2…onward to episode 3!

Umeitoa wapi? Tupa kalink kwa inbox bro

link ya episode 3 ama?

All available episodes, if possible.

episode 1

then just search for the rest after that…


The part shot in kenya ni episode gani?

Almost all 4 episodes ive seen so far

All episodes!

hehe nice…will now get it

Jst googld it n there some kenyans on the cast…will get this one