Seems like today is a slow day in the village so let me bore you a little bit more… Mr Steal your girl, his highness, the choosen one has just been promoted to a senior villager. This is no mean feat and I expect the following rewards:

  • Some success sex from one of the pink handles!
  • Commission from the mods for every comment I make!
  • The mods to buy me bundles every two weeks!

Stima zimepotea ntaendelea zikirudi

Dream(and wank) on…o_O

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ubroker leo umekwendea vipi?kuna kakitu natafuta ,huwa unasimama kwa duka gani?

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am sure @Rahma wont mind doing the honors

Ooh Lawd … hw old r u :slight_smile:

niaje mrembo,si twende new mexico na wewe?i need a young girl to pamper me in my sunset years

I have never come across any listing by you. Admin is ten times worse than ECK

is that silence i hear?

Na wewe mujamaa wa KG ni nani unaita young girl, hebu cheki ID yake priss

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Am playing don’t take it to heart meanwhile seems @Ice_Cube is slaking what are you doing online at this time? You need a substitute o_O

Hehehe @Mzee mzima ana post utoto

And who the heck is @Rahma? No post or comment from Jan? Or its @junkie other handle for connenting with his feminine side…[ATTACH=full]6731[/ATTACH]

@junkie only has one handle na 20th jan i was still in klost using the handle @junkie_reloaded after @Supu don and the jaluo banned my @junkie handle oblivious of ktalk’s existence

@Elin uscheze na io jina read my avatar priss

Wewe, Klost went down on 4th January

how many of us knew of ktalk back in jan???

@junkie = gay

Mzee mjinga kweli (Mathice,2015)

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With all this upus,admin went ahead and made you an elder? Wonders will never cease…