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“Please show up. I am ready!” Sheila Mwanyigha’s message to potential suitors (exclusive)

Please show up. I am ready!” Sheila Mwanyigha’s message to potential suitors (exclusive)
DECEMBER 18, 2020
Sheila Mwanyigha is one of those celebs that I speak to this year that left me thoroughly amazed and inspired. The entertainer who has seemingly done it all in the industry was a ball of joy, wit and wisdom.
One of the questions I asked Sheila in a recent interview with her was whether she was in the market for a significant other?
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Miss Mwanyigha surprised me with her very candid reply telling me enthusiastically that she was waiting eagerly, telling me; “It would be wonderful. Please show up. I am ready!”
“I am ready,” she reiterated.
And what would she be looking for in a potential mate?
“I value intelligence. I value kindness. Someone who is hilarious. Who can laugh at himself. Someone who is secure with themselves, cause this business and who I am is so easy for someone to imagine, ‘Where is she at the moment, if I can’t see her?’.”
“Someone who is confident in themselves. Someone who can push and challenge and I can also challenge him. Someone who loves the outdoors. Not someone for the carwash but there will be a time for that. Someone who is intentional, someone who loves their mom. I think that I have described it all.”
And I believe she has. Kenyan men, Sheila has given you the cheatsheet, utawezana?

Tuliona, na tukakataa.

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