Senator Omanga anataka kutolea watu form ya weekend

What would @uncleuwes do
Where did we loose it?

Why should we nominate a lady that represents nothing in particular in the senate?

Why should we nominate an old MP that isn’t even loyal to his party?

Why should we nominate a union guy that doesn’t want to be a politician instead he wants to keep his old job

The only sane nominated legislature we have had is one Jennifer shamala Daughter to former foreign affairs minister

Huyo Shamalla ni wa huko Busia? :smiley:

This kunguru is a crazy bitch

This is a poko Ruto picked from the streets…'She was selling duvets by then. Ruto made her become Rich. And yet u hear pple screaming Ruto 2022 liwe liwalo.

nominated mpigs, senators and MCAs are a waste of time. Just a reward scheme

I get those vibes as well.

Shamalla huongea mavi sana.

How is this whore someone’s wife ?

The only nomination yafaa iwe ya the disabled

Nominated anything, women reps and Senate should be done away with.

Why do we have nominated seats and still bado tunakuwa na women rep.
Alafu mtu hakuna policy anajua. Hii

Nominated political seats and Women’s Rep seats are the most undemocratic and useless seats. Ekuru Aukot is right, the seats must be scrapped. Let only people who citizens vote for end up becoming our leaders.
Punguza Mzigo is good for me

She was the owner of URP , that’s what is rumoured. Unakumbuka 2013 she was to vie as senator on a URP ticket only for TNA to merge with TNA na aka ambiwa akunje mkeka coz uhuruto wako na wazimu wao mwenye anakuja na 1.3 million votes:eek:

Rieng ni nini?

ile Kitu mtu upelekwa nayo:cool:

Ring imewekwa e hapo katikati

Nominated seats are meant for Mali ya will notice majority of those posts are occupied by women. Odm has a very young nominated senator kwamboka, party leader alipita nayo. And there are many more examples

Okoa octogenarian bana… I want to surprise fellow geriatrics hapa kwa busaa

Si wafunguliwe boutique stores like the rest of the women…

this woman is a massive disgrace and a total mental liability to the nation

Blame the master not the servant. Most of the nominated MPs awananga akili