Senate votes it down - now fights begin

WASHINGTON ― The Senate’s Republican majority defeated a war authorization measure Friday meant to bar President Donald Trump from launching a military strike against Iran without Congress’s permission.
The 50-40 vote came after President Donald Trump said on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Japan that “there’s no rush” to ease tensions with Iran, which escalated since Iranian forces shot down an unmanned surveillance drone.
“There’s absolutely no time pressure,” he added. “I think that in the end, hopefully, it’s going to work out. If it does, great. And if doesn’t, you’ll be hearing about it.”
The measure needed 60 votes to pass, but only Republican Sens. Susan Collins, of Maine; Mike Lee, of Utah; Jerry Moran, of Kansas, and Rand Paul, of Kentucky, voted “yea" with the Democratic minority. Nine Republicans did not vote, including Senate Armed Services Committee chairman Jim Inhofe, R-Okla.
The timing of the 10-hour vote was meant to allow participants in the first 2020 Democratic primary debates, in Florida, to return to Washington.
The vote capped the first debate and vote in the Senate in a long time to take war authority back from the executive branch. Trump asserted this week that he doesn’t need congressional approval to strike Iran.
“We’ve been keeping Congress abreast of what we’re doing … and I think it’s something they appreciate,” Trump told The Hill. “I do like keeping them abreast, but I don’t have to do it legally.

Wewe hupata response uki post vitu za trump huku?


Drumpf might be emboldened by this ‘victory’ to start his own personal war, and it will not be like bullying Huawei with crooked trade mechanisms. He’d find out very quickly how Vladimir values their friendship’.

Yes, @Amused hupata response. You post what you think is important na zinazokuboa pita tu kando.

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I agree. You people can fight over what Sonko said today.

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