Senate and National Assembly Dick measuring Contest

Governors led by the C.O.G Chair Wycliffe Oparanya moved to court on Tuesday on the issue of sharing of revenue by National Government. CRA had proposed 335bn to be allocated to counties, the senate scaled it down to 327bn while the national assembly wanted to reduce it to 310bn against 314bn of last year citing lack of development and corruption in the counties. They however passed the appropriation bill and allocated 316bn to counties.

Today the Senate led by the speaker Kennedy Makelo Lusaka have moved to court over National Assembly irregular bills, a total of 24 bills that were passed without the review of the Senate including the Revenue Appropriation bill that was ascended to by the president.

It is just a game of musical chairs being played between the executive, national assembly and the senate. One would think that before the President ascents to any bill he must seek advice from the A.G on the illegality or otherwise. Majority leader in the senate is Kipchumba Murkomen, Majority leader in the National Assembly is Duale both from Jubilee, both speakers of the houses are from the Jubilee side of the government, how can they tell us that they can never agree on something like that?

The senate speaker was once a governor that bought jua Cali scrap metal than was converted to a wheelbarrow at a cost of not less than 100k per unit.

The chair COG is a last term serving governor who allowed his family to use county instruments that included cars for personal pleasure

Both the senate and NA majority leaders are forced to do whatever the handshake patrons tell them

Someone( puppet master) is busy behind the scenes burning the midnight oil to ensure that jubilee does not deliver its promises( were they any actual promises) to the people of Kenya.

Big four is an agenda brought to us by Ouru and Raila to make us think that they have our interests at heart while they steal from public coffer, after 2022 we will be left dry as bones, so dry that we won’t vet whoever will be pushed to run for power

We are screwed, Mara Kieleweke vs Manga manga, mara Senate vs National assembly, mara Executive vs Judiciary(revisiting) and the endless fights in count assemblies against governors.