Semi-Pro Begging

Begging is not a job, man.

On a park bench, Whatsapp’ing away what’s left of my youth and a wheel chair gracefully rolls in and parks next to me. I look at the old, paraplegic lady seated on it… then at the grown ass MUSCULAR young man pushing it! Uh… Not saying a word, the old lady shakes the can in her hand making a loud, gawd-awful jingle. Awesome. This is a pantomime. I should take out my wallet and shake it at her too, see how she likes it.

But I don’t do that. The rattling coins attract attention and I don’t like attention. Plus, I get rather uncomfortable aaargh damn you, wheelchair pushing man.

Loss of dignity.


@Adeudeu kuja hapa kiasi utueleze what you learnt in your first job


I never help beggars who appear able or in the company of an able person. It is a rip off. Pale local carwash one of the luhya guys is deaf. He does a good job and lives a productive life. Yesterday nikiwa parking mtaani some guy showed up and told me that he had not eaten for two days. Instead of asking for money, he asked if he could wash my car for Ksh50 to get something to eat. Needless to say, I gave him Ksh 200 as he looks for a new job. What I liked was that instead of begging for money, he was actually willing to work for it. He was begging for a job, not money. I hope he got a job somewhere.


you restore the faith in humanity…good job

Kuna mwingine pia local yangu, he is a good carpenter kuruka.