Sema Kuonewa 18

I was wondering why baba was so upbeat and sure that there will be no election on 26th. Kumbe he had an evil plan where some commissioners would resign shortly before election, thus making it impossible to continue with the same. After the plan was exposed and measures to tackle it taken through changing election laws, he is here trying to confuse the government to drop the move to amend the laws saying that by doing so, he will also drop the quest for the irreducible minimum he was demanding and participate in the election. This is a cunning move to make Jubilee confused and fall for it so that his evil plan is back on the table. In case they agree to this he will even stop protests but just before some time to the repeat presidential election, he will unleash the plan and the election will not take place. Therefore, the government should not even give a thought to this proposal and instead move with speed to change those laws. Btw chebukati is opposing the change in these laws. Your guess is as good as mine, he was deep into this plan. hapo kwa swearing in of the president sijaelewa, is it any judge or any supreme court judge?

Bla bla bra


Baba reach his political menopause… Mhenga Hon. Fred Gumo.

gumo ameze dawa polepole

The elections laws have sent shivers, they were unexpected, Jubilee is moving with speed in parliament.
Even Maina Kia in his article in Nation today is very mad with Jubilee. They have been caught off guard with their irreducible minimum demands, the demands have been watered down

Kitu imefanya mpaka baba atamani teargas ni nomaree.

Walijaribu ya 290 constituencies…wakanaswa.
Hii ya resignation of commissioners was a good idea but whoever told them they have the monopoly of thinking lied to them.
Hio nyingene ya Maraga planning not to swear in a Jubilee winner ilionewa 18.
Ahamie kwenye hataonana na second hand seed-laced weed smoke.

Anyone with a PDF of the draft amendments atupostie hapa

I second this, I would like to argue from a point of information.

Babuon is like that bully kid who doesn’t give a damn and abuses everybody from a distance, but when caught retorts, “Ukinichapa, wanionea .Ukiniacha, waniogopa”!
Indeed, Babuon is an overgrown bully!

@Tarantinoh ame-second this, mimi nai-third. Tudiscuss kitu tunasoma si yenye tumesomewa.

ata mm nataka hiyo pdf

walijaribu nini apa kwa 290 constituencies

Wembe ni ule ule. 26th is the day we will shave someone.

Constitution says there MUST be voting in all 290 constituencies and were therefore planning to disrupt voting. Babuon forgot that there many polling stations in a constituency and all that is required is one person to vote in one polling station for the constituency voting requirement to be met.
That was their secret weapon to mess with the elections…of course Maraga would be waiting to annul claiming no voting took place in one constituency.

Sande sana