Sema kimeumana

So yesterday, there was an incident that happened. @captain obvious being the fool he is decided to trespass into @Yuletapeli’s farm. He saw there was no way he would walk a longer distance yet he can pass between a farm and reach his destination. So he decided to pass through @Yuletapeli’s farm but then this time round @Yuletapeli was alert of @captain obvious bad behaviour of trespassing into other people’s farms. Before @captain obvious would even pass through, @Yuletapeli appeared from nowhere holding a panga. @captain obvious being a fool he is decided to play clever and wanted to challenge @Yuletapeli to a battle. He was faking confidence but deep down we all know he is a weak ass bitch. He thought @Yuletapeli was bluffing but then what he doesnt know is that @Yuletapeli is a mad man. Even the known mad man in kenya; Miguna Miguna admitted that @Yuletapeli’s madness is of a different level. The Mad People Association of Kenya (MPAK), just put out a statement that @Yuletapeli has the madness of a donkey and a bull combined. @captain obvious started demanding to trespass through @Yuletapeli farm, but because @Yuletapeli is a madman he slapped the chest out of @captain obvious (see what I did there) asking him “barabara yako iko hapa?” What happened next was @captain obvious was seen fleeing in the wrong direction clutching on an old and dusty coat he was gifted by his dunk uncle back in the village. Shenzi sana.

Kimeumana ma

:D:D:D yuko wapi huyo jamaa nimalizie

Kimeumana sir!