Sema Being Taken for a Ride

Some things don’t make sense,

Today in the daily nation :
Bad year for economy but more jobs created [SIZE=3]-Thursday, April 30, 2015.[/SIZE]

Two days ago in the daily nation:
Politicians get top jobs (Members of prominent families among those named to key posts in far-reaching changes in State corporations) [SIZE=3]-Tuesday, April 28, 2015.[/SIZE]

…so, are these the jobs that have been created?

Yesterday, the economy has grown by 5.3%, but we aren’t feeling so. How have we the hoi polloi benefited? Who’s gotten the jobs but the affluent. It’s all in perspective, the nation belongs to 1% of the population.

Youths kuna KWS, NYS na Police recruitment…ohh na kazi kwa vijana.:wink:

…pesa kwa wazee