Selling my seeds

Wadau, where can I sell my seeds?

Nimesoma crazy Monday something about it being a good sidehustle.

Matusi yamekaribishwo pia.

kama huna sura sahau.

Where did you get them from ?

mbegu ni mara mingi…unaongelelea gani?

niaje doc?

poa sana @coldpilsner

I guess anasema mbegu ya miti shamba

Na mlisema Figo inaweza uzwa wapi na pesa ngapi?Asking for a friend wa ukweli

Picha ni muhimu sana:)

There are several reasons why selling seed is an ideal small business for those looking for a home based business that can bring in extra income.

•Selling seed is profitable. There are good margins to be made when selling seeds.
•More people than ever before prefer to ‘grow their own’ vegetables, flowers, plants and trees. There is a trend towards more inexpensive methods to grow plants which is also educational and satisfying.
•There is a certain allure to sowing seeds which people enjoy, especially those who have done this before. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing your first crop of seedlings emerge in spring.
•Many parents like to show their children the secrets of seed sowing. Sowing seeds is educational to both children and adults alike.
•Most seeds are small and do not take up much space. Keeping a stock inventory of seeds for sale can be easily done with very limited space.
•Seed is easily posted by small envelope or packet. This does not require a separate trip to the post office.
•Seed is not expensive. Most seeds can be bought in on a limited budget.
•Many seeds can also be collected for free in autumn and kept for resale.
•Seed selling is fun, can be started quickly and easily with a quick cash flow and daily income.
•Selling seeds need not take up much of your valuable time. Seed sales can also open the door to related sales of other products e.g. bulbs or plug plants.

Many people today are searching for an extra income that can help with the monthly bills. Selling seed is the ideal small home-based business that can be started up quickly and easily on a limited budget. With more people embracing ‘green’ sustainable eco-friendly lifestyles, selling seed is a popular choice[ATTACH=full]138969[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]138969[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]138969[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]138969[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]138969[/ATTACH]

This is a special case. Mbicha is not available lol

Ni ukweli @Phylgee. Unaweza buys seeds, 9 months later ukute ni a mini ogre ulikuwa umebeba kikikikikikiki.

The seeds are contents of my gonads.


Haha as if that’s not enough the kid will be teased often at school and you’ll have no explanation for it:D:D

Truedat. Afathali nione uso kwanza, height, sana sana the abs, akili and then execute it Christian Ronaldo style. CR7 hatambui marriages. But watoto atazaa…he really fascinates me.

Was waiting for this part…

Alaf you do realize that kids can’t be born with abs right?? :D:D

Wekerea mbisha tukague kwansa

ukiuza sperms mujamaa akuroge umee pembe ?

Yes honeybee lakini baba yao na si Waitito akisho zake…I can then dream on…