Self hatred and doubt

There are some few people who have been driving some useless agenda here to show how “we Negroes” are low IQ and useless and cannot be trusted with some advanced issues…

Self Doubt and hatred are the last nails in the coffins of a society as greedy men in power drive an agenda of looting and pilfering the nation, it’s usually the last nail of subjugation.

The people have been driven down to such low levels of desperation such that we have accepted that we are failures, our pres even had the guts to say all Kenyans are thieves…as if we are all serving in public offices

But all is not lost, there are still men of honor among us, number of intellectuals in different fields is growing daily and with the right placement of resources we can do wonders.

So if you think your family lineage is LOW IQ, there are other millions that are not…if you think people from your tribe are low IQ baboons, we have 42 tribes, many others have smart and intelligent men…

Msituambukize ujinga… even with the many problems of corruption and institutional mediocrity.We are still hopeful.Progress will not be halted for a later date.

I like this part “[SIZE=7][FONT=verdana]we [/FONT][/SIZE][SIZE=1][FONT=georgia]Negroes are low IQ and useless and cannot be trusted with some advanced issues[/FONT][/SIZE]

Atleast you’ve acknowledged you are one of them.

its not just self hatred, but its also infused with adoration for all things mzungu

Do you know why the Late Michael Jackson turned himself white? Do you know why Vera Sidika went plastic?

It’s because the ferkin’ white man made them hate themselves for who they are.

Do you understand English?

Ni Michael Joseph ama Wacko Jacko?

Micheal Jackson.

Wacha ujinga, the message has been received and corrected by @Touchlyrics

I dont think peope understand that we can still feel the repercussions of colonialism to this day.

Physical colonialism ended but mental colonialism is still with us.

ni ukweliii. mbona tuko down hivo. there are still people who live in caves in Africa. yani humans are 250 million years old na msee hajagundua kuunda sheltee

There are poor people in very desperate situations all over the world… the key thing is that we are making progress…
We are still reeling from over 100yrs of brutal cultural, economic disruption that we were not able to recover from as fast as we needed.

You are not even wrong. His full name was Michael Joseph Jackson.

Mike had vitiligo

My fren, all economies that are “sober” dudnt happen because the entire population is genius but a group of about 100 guys during their time made a choice to transform their economy.

Look at our leaders here, case in point, punguza mizigo… They have brought some people to scuttle the process insisting the signatures are fake.

It would take only one good leader to collect 5 million signatures within two hours all over the country to shame the despots but look, Aukot is all alone. Ours is a greedy lot.

No need to go into corruption, our breed excels here only rivaled by Nigeria.

even a mud hat with grass thatching hawawezi?

The psychological damage done to black man by colonialism has led to loss of self-worthiness, culture and is slowly eroding identity. Black women will not think twice before marrying social outcast white men. Our men will not blink before marrying disabled and the ugliest white women to floss around with. Speaking foreign language is prestige to a black man despite the fact that nobody will respect people with no identity.

And that damage will take years of social engineering to remove… shida ni eti kuna waafrika wameendelea na hiyo ujinga. Everyday they live by their inferiority and have no shame spreading it

:smiley: Wewe brownskin unataka ile kichapo utulie

Would you believe 10 years ago Northern Ugandans used to walk naked? Govt policy was the reason the nonsense stopped. Anyway, what am trying to tell you is, our forefathers (leaders of modern day Kenya) missed the Golden opportunity to put infrastructure in place to put Kenya in flight mode. Instead they amassed land and wealth for themselves creating a rich and poor divide. You are lucky if you come from a decent background.

All we are doing will never count… Those in power and their potential successors are corrupt to the core. We at the grass level lack power in all fields to confront them. I’m very pessimistic here