Self driving cars

This is the next big thing, everybody is investing a lot of research into this.From google, apple, uber, toyota, bmw, mercedes…

still a long way to go.that was the same thing guys were saying about robots decades ago.we still don’t have household robots now.

Japanese banks are introducing robots in their cashier and customercare department.

Hata Google glass was the next big thing… Tech is really unpredictable… Maybe project ARA will be the next big thing in phones maybe not

Have you not seen the smarthouse race

GOOGLE glass failed.

Wewe hujanielewa??

The car might work for a few people with money and good infrastructure. Here in kenya we still dont have good infrastructure for conventional cars, and therefore self driving cars are quite a dream. Alafu sisi tunatamper na governors. You will find the car doing 150kmph na hakuna dereva ati when it has a limit of maybe 60kmph. na sasa mitaro na matope ya kenya inahitajingi pilot, not even a driver.