Self Discipline

How do I get this self discipline back to my spine.Lack of it is messing me up,the situation has led to procastination amongst other stuffs that are making it hard to achieve various goals.Due to the same I end up forgetting to do the obvious tasks,nakumbuka saa ile naree ishawaka.
Do I need to see a psychic au nifanye nini wadau?

hata mimi i need a coach

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self discipline in what ? finances,bad manners,alcohol,kunguru farming ama nini? be specific

Hehehe zii you just need bigger balls toka kwa skirt kijana mdogo

Na za career - I was to do a certain professional course this year,sasa goal naona nikipush to next year

Yaani that art of having focus na self discipline naona zimenitoroka kabisa

It appears your attention has been split across many things. Maybe something is driving your concentration away. Just focus. No need for a psychic.

Do you know how big his balls are?!! @uwesmake hapa kuna ng’ombe ya museveni yenye haikutambui

the answer is inside you. You need to search yourself for what is causing you to lack motivation to do what needs to be done. There are several things that come to mind

  1. you don’t like what you do or the job you have-the environment may not be conducive e.g. hostile colleagues ,boss repetitive tasks that have become boring
    2.the relationships that you are in-if you are not happy or contented in your relationships you lose motivation.
    and many other things that maybe going on around and about you

Since you are looking to get it back, it shows you once had it. Look back & identify things that started making you lose focus and avoid/get rid of them. Reduce your thoughts and focus on things that matter.

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cut off pombe,internet,movies na usingizi by waking up earlier than usual

usipee NV airtime . mtusi na unamuwacha akijiongelesha

wewe uko mbaya zaidi kabisa…kuma ulipenda na uwezi saidika.

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even if you have nothing to do, just wake up early.

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If you want to be disciplined in large things start with small disciplines e.g. hitting the gym, they will feed into other disciplines/areas.I started disciplining myself to go to the gym at least 4 times a week,then i started reading at least 2 books a month-in either personal development,politics,career etc, if i succeed at 1 i adopt it and get a new one,I am now planning to start going to career seminars in my field to broaden my knowledge in the field and get new skills

2 books in a span of what time?