Self Defense Claim Will Eventually Set Owino Free

Hii ni kenya. Na Kenya hakuna Sheria ya kufunga wadosi lakini ipo sheria ya kunyanyasa maskini. Expect this powder sniffer to claim innocence and say that he feared for his life, Given his deep pockets and deep state connections expect a NOT Guilty verdict and a few coins to change hands to console the DJ.

Couldn’t agree more sir

Meanwhile boyshaud Jowie anazidi kuchunishwa skuma kule manyani.

He is poor unlike Tom Cholomondely who killed 3 peasants. Jowie will soon get pregnant through his b()tt.

Masikini anapewa flimsy denial of bail reasons.

Charging babu with attempted murder is the surest way to set him free

Assault could have been the best option

soma mambo ya OJ simpson

Hio one week remand is for Kenyans to forget this story as they usually do. If they don’t ataongezewa another one week. Alafu akiwa huko aseme nimgonjwa apelekwe KNH. Kidogo kidogo your boy is out na maisha inaendelea

Hapa withdrawal symptoms za unga zitamsaidia.

Stomach ulcers loading:D:D

Prepare thy hole Babu Okino.

Lakini hio shot ilikuwa close range…like an execution. There’ll have to be some mental gymnastics performances for us to buy into that.

Whatever happens babu will have to admit to a charge, some sort of charge that will damage his career.