Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice


It’s been a very long while I played a game that makes you feel you climbed Mt. Everest every time you beat a boss. Tough to get there, but the feeling of accomplishment is through the sky.

I started playing this and I’m getting effed in all holes. Recommended.

cc @screwplus

Btw have had a lot of great things about this. But ain played it. Too much already and iko kwa backlog…
Anyways ain a bad game shida ni e3 is going on an already tasting the new stuff


Wacha nione kama iko kwa playstore

Still lost in GTA V online, looking forward to switching to a kitana from a bullpup rifle

This game is the fantastic. Best game played this year. I’ve tried Devil May Cry 5 but not liking it. So now I’m on Nier Automata…

But Sekiro… You have to play this game to atleast two endings.