Seems like it's over....??!!

Love faded?? Well, not on my part… Ed is now too busy for me…

I miss him and every time I think of him… His hearty laughter, his smile, his voice… Oh my!! Am a gone case… I have become a rebel,he has turned me into things I could never have imagined to be… I have lost my mind and all I can think about is him, all I want is Ed… I can’t see nor hear any other man. God, but why!! Why him!!!

Al never be anyone’s kinda girl… A good girl but the baddest bitch, a freaky lady, (wild one)… Simple chick who upholds sophistication… High maintenance woman who needs attention 24/7…a woman who can’t stand a man who’s not passionate and crazy at the same time… Well, atleast am not a party animal (I comfort myself)

Nobody wants me:(:frowning:

Ed doesn’t understand the fact that I need him… But I do understand that he’s busy… The fact that am getting only a small portion of him hurts me, it tears me apart and there’s nothing I can do about… Sadly!! What do I do…?? My heart doesn’t want to leave…
Today I told him goodbye but I know am just lying to myself… I can’t leave him, just not yet… Am not ready!! I know he doesn’t want me to leave but I don’t know why, what could be his reason?? Could it be that he loves me too much to let go or am just there to satisfy his needs??either way I don’t want to open my eyes to see the truth… The truth hurts!!

Ed, you are a wonderful man and I love you so much but one thing you should know is that am nearing breaking point.

My soul is weary, why do I always fall for the wrong people?? Why did I fall for Ed yet there are thousands of men out there… I used to be a very selfish woman until I met Ed because I knew there’s no other way for me to have him… But now am giving up!! Am giving up on love am giving up on everything… Am growing numb…
There’s so much pain, wasted tears, broken promises…
I thought my heart was broken until… Well, fuck love!!

I knew that I would never have Ed to myself only… I knew this is what I signed up for… I am just desperate, desperate for love!! :(:frowning:

Miss @Phylgee no respect lost. But I feel like need to take a break from such stories in 2018. We need more of @Saintonthebeathoe . Thank you

Don’t like my story, write your own… No respect lost.

@Tommy Lee Sparta tuletee hekaya kijiji iko slow

haha ill drop end year hekaya… but acha @Phylgee hajinice kuandika hekaya si mcheso

acha kuingilia @Phylgee leta hekaya yako tusome schupit

9/10 ladies who claim to be freaks are not.this freak used to tell me how her puthy can do tricks… When i gave a taste of my shlong… She was overwhelmd. And jst gave out sounds like a buzzing phone… Freaks, freaks, thats what they all say.

You were warned. I have nada to say.

Haha… It’s upto you if want to prove it :D:D

You will be fine @Phylgee
Just not right now…But one day

We love who we love.
Sucks eh?

I have a feeling you are laughing in front of the laptop while baiting the usual suspects to swoop in frothing with predetermined comments/advice/makemeo

Hehe… Not that wicked… Just wrote :oops:

Huyu ni Jay ule alishukisha bendera na mvua??

You are only loved once you loose the ability to love.

That’s for me to decide :smiley:

Your script fulfills so many naysayers’ prophecies. On point to a T



Shit is complicated… Am not losing the ability to love but rather giving up on love.

All good my dear Blondy. Not everyone that comes to your life was meant to walk with you through the journey.

Girl you are dickmatized.