Seeking mediums and psychics services in Nairobi

I’m currently seeking the above services here in Nairobi, any leads will be highly appreciated. Thanks

People who go to mediums should be stoned to death

What’s the alternative?

Leta mbuzi ya black na jogoo ya white na madoa madoa

Saitan ashindwe

Lol where have you been? I only need to speak to the dead, or aptly put I feel like I’m speaking to the dead…I need translation! Not love spells or money spells shit like that




@Davidee uliacha kulia??

Those things don’t work. If they worked those fortune tellers would have predicted 13 out of 13 scores a long time ago

@TrumanCapote ,kuja utupatie your experience with a medium …she has experienced everything under the sun

:D:DUnadai matusi moto moto jumapili?

Still crying hard!

Anything you get from the devil you will pay for dearly. His work is to kill, steal and destroy never to help anybody. That said, I’ve never been one to stand in the way of anyone who want to learn by experience. Please travel to Malindi. Go to Malindi High School and ask for directions to the mganga near there. Kindly note it’s not human it’s a djinn so if uko na roho fupi go with some one or in a group. Payment is after you get results. But ujue you have invited Satan officially in to your life. He now has a legal right in your life and that of your posterity.

When I was in school I had an ailment my auntie lied to my parents she’s taking me to a herbalist but took me to a traditional healer. He was an elderly man, a moslem, no calabash and the witchcraft paraphernalia. Only Arabic writings. But he kept insinuating it was witchcraft. He gave me a concoction but it never worked. When I went to campus, a lady who worked in our kitchen who was also an evangelist called me and told God asked her to pray for me, she knew about my ailment yet Id never told anyone there about it. She prayed for me for 15 minutes and God healed me miraculously. This was a condition all doctors had told me was incurable. Jesus is the answer. His blessing addeth no sorrow. Why don’t you go to a prayer center and fast and pray for a week instead of all this psychic things?

Wacha kutupa pesa these so called psychics hawaoni kitu. If these guys could see the future wange vuruga sportpesa, betin etc. And also when you are dead you stay dead hakuna kitu kama your spirit inazubaa huku duniani.

@TrumanCapote uyo jini hujulikana na jina gani