Seeking advise on log book loans

YAY OR NAY? I’m between a rock and a hard place… Bombard me with your good/bad experiences with log book loans… Recommend good lenders if you can…

Platinum 4% p.m call +254702387343 safest in the biz

Minimum period 3 months

You need 3100 (2500 valuation, 600 search) and an affidavit (1k usually)

Money next day

Usijaribu Platinum, machoosss tupu huko…try Keekorok Capital 5%, p.m, no minimum period you could clear even in your first repayment

Hehehe, Platinum itakutomba ubadilishe handle iwe Onyikadinywa.

Such lending is almost 100% at your disadvantage. It’s meant to almost fuck you up. If you get out of it alive, you are properly dented in the pocket.

Unaharibia watu biz bila evidence

What’s your story against platinum

Uza gari.

It’s better to sell your car and sort your problems if at all they’re that serious. Moti unaweza tu nunua when you get back up. Don’t be a holder, let it go or renegotiate with whoever or whatever is pressing you

Waah… The Nays seem to be more convincing here… I need the car for my hustle so I guess I will have to look elsewhere…

Better look at another source logbook loan nigutee

Ni wapi kwingine utapata doh… chapa logbook Liam

Hivo ndivyo utapoteza gari. Platinum na kadhalika are just Shylocks in suits. Nothing good can ever come from their deals.

What’s the estimated value of the car?

Platinum Credit would be the best bet over all credit only/ auto logbook lenders. If you are interested call this number 0798543173, that guy once sorted me and I repaid in one month and there were no hidden charges I paid interest for one month and my logbook was discharged back to my name in about 3 days after paying off the loan. processing unapeana logbook leo unapata doo kesho,usitishwe mkuu as long as u know u have a clear plan on how to repay, no affidavit required if car is in ur name

You will be fcuked properly. The prinicipal amount you are borrowing will be ballooned by things like loan insurance, car tracker, crb fee, na takataka mingi. This will be all summed up and the interest you will be paying will be a fixed percentage per month on the principal and not reducing balance

Naona ukishindwa kumaliza kulipa down the line. Your car will be repossessed and forcefully transferred to the new owner in a day or two. Venye @captain obvious amesema, your new handle will be @Onyikadinywa

Talk to @Village Grandpa :smiley:

Vile umeambiwa na elders. Kama umefika hapo uza tu hiyo gari…you dont need that car. Kama umepita level ya Mshwari, KCB Mpesa and other loans za banks…just sell the car. Taking a logbook loan will not end well. Kuna alot of hidden charges and ridiculous interest. By the time umalize kulipa hiyo loan utakua umelipa pesa za gari mbili ama tatu.

Check your expenditure. Makunguru itabidi upunguze

Do not tighten that rope, cut it loose if you can before you can. All will be well, you will bounce back soon. If the biz isn’t giving good returns, sell the car and try something else.