Seeking Advice

Good morning Wadau . I hope this finds you well.

Seeking advise.

I received a Wahl Shaving machine recently from the USA. It produces a loud noise when turned on. I’m told it has something to do with the power rating in Kenya.

Have you encountered this before? What is the solution?

Someone tells me to purchase a step down transformer.

Will appreciate all the feedback.

Juma’a Kareem

Fry it ndio ujue haujui

@Tom Bayeye leta advice kama kinyozi wa stima.

I understand you’ve encountered the challenge uncountable times.

Najua ulianzia hapa…:D:D

You definitely need a step down!! U.S appliances are manufactured to run on 110v to 120 volts, whilst in Kenya (and most of the world) we use 220v to 240v and appliances made for the Kenyan market are manufactured to run on that. Do not plug it into power again before you get a step down or that might just be the end of it. Check with Topserve Limited in Kimathi House if they have them (they sell baking equipment don’t be surprised when you get there), but they do stock them for their U.S imported appliances.

Try turning the the plastic screw on the side counter or clockwise while it’s runnin

Thank you brother!

Be blessed!

:D:D:D:D:D ni kadem si brother huyu , @Mboch Kiburi amepitia kazi mingi ata hii ya kinyooooos tombayeye

Sell it to Truman capanty, her cave would do with the accoustics


Sister it is.