Seeing As The Referee's Whistle Is Final............IIEBC Embarass Every Other Country In The World!

JUBILANTS and NASARITES, we diasgree on practically everything in the just concluded rulings. One thing that we must, however, agree is that Maraga’s ruling, right or wrong, is not void of a silver lining. The onus is upon IIEBC to immediately put the electronic aspect of the election in order. Parliament must then clarify on the extent to which an election can be nullified. I am Team RWNEEEEEBP but, I accept ( and move on) because the SCOK ship sailed. I am still of the opinion, and with good reason, that the ruling was biased but that withstanding, the coming election will be so ABNORMALLY free and fair, it will be an insult to the wit of the average Kenyan to reject the results.

The SCOK still needs to be checked but, that is for a later date. For now, IIEBC tread carefully, do not give the devil a foothold!

Concluding remarks, JUBILANTS and NASARITES are all correct.

1. JUBILANTS have been proven true: The numbers were not in doubt. That is to say RAO lost to KAMWANA by over 1.4 million votes when the NASA wave was at its peak. A vote recount would hae been the better option but like I said earlier, that ship sailed! (NASARITES mind you no one questioned the ballot nor the vote therein!) In fact the content and detail of the form 34As questioned ( those in the portal) and the content of the certified copies (physically present) were not questioned. They bore the same details and the same clerical errors so copies of each other.

2. NASARITES have been proven true: At this juncture I will shed off my Jubilee affiliations and make very honest observations. There was a problem with the electronic transmission. The degrre and extent of the effect of that on the result withstanding, there was a problem. Njoki used the physical form 34As whereas the Majority used the forms in the portal. The two were evidently different. Whether the evidence was addressed withstanding, there was a difference.

(Jubilee affiliation mode activated briefly) The EU EOM said in, its report to the court, that during scanning, it is not uncommon for some details in some forms to become ‘invisible.’

All in all, the fact remains, IIEBC will hold elections on 17th. I hope they are fully prepared! As written in the good book, IIEBC do not give the devil a foothold. Not again!

NASARITES, congragulations on a well earned victory. I am not so biased as to fail to accept that the victory is yours. Come the 17th, may the best man win and best regards!

JUBILANTS I would wish you luck, but you do not need it. I wish it were grammatically correct to wish you numbers but… you have those already!


Spoken like a true water melon. Rwneeeeeebpork.

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NASARITES, congragulations on a well earned victory. I am not so biased as to fail to accept that the victory is yours. Come the 17th, may the best man win and best regards!


and there we differ, unless you think winning by any means including compromising judges and fake evidence is ok

This is testament that some mind works.

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Attention should shift from SCOK to IIEBC. The SCOK ship sailed, that is just reality! If I am a watermelon because I stretch forward a hand of peace and brotherhood to NASARITES then you do not know MY president Uhuru kenyatta, I am practically following his lead. Crazy, blood thirsty sycophancy belongs to the other camp…so who is the watermelon now? Kura ya JUBILEE akili ya NASA!

But you are right on one thing, RWNEBPORK.


it is one thing to accept that the verdict is final and preach peace. that is good. what is not acceptable is to overlook the misdeeds of the judges, the criminality of their judgement and now try to shift all the blame to IEBC.



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Why obsess over it now? It will do me no good, plus I am a realist. The court can only be handled after Uhuru is re-elected! Ni kama wakati KIbaki aliapishwa usiku, the game changed after the biased judgement. If Raila and Uhuru can still meet and laugh after the ruling, then it is illogical for me not to extend the olive branch to NASARITES. If I cannot accept results, I will lack the moral high ground to ask NASARITES to accept results after the 17th. Moral of the story, see things for what they are, not what they should be.

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we need to be 'obsessed ’ over it because the SC is the same court we will revert to if the repeat election is contested. if the judges relied sorely on the applicants faked evidence, what will stop them from doing the same again if we keep quiet and fail to point out this criminal negligence (to give then the benefit of doubt) on their part?

I TOTALLY AGREE! 100%. I am not trying to shift blame to the IIEBC. The IIEBC satisfied observers internal and external! They did a good job. The lunacy of the majority is such that they (IIEBC) must cover the footholds because Maraga’s insanity will only be cured after the president is sworn in.

I opine the judges were compromised, incompetent, or simply evil. These will remain to be opinions until when Uhuru will be sworn in, and the compromise proven. That will only happen if the IIEBC handles the issues pointed out by the court, right or wrong! I am not assigning blame to the IIEBC, they previously satisfied all observers. All I am saying is that now, they will have to deal with the issues raised by the court. IIEBC is the first step in the executive plan to check the IIEBC. THEY MUST ADDRESS THE ISSUES RAISED FOR THE SCOK TO BE OPEN TO THE EXECUTIVE’S SCALPEL! I am not saying that the issues raised by the court merited the annulment, I am only saying that because they did the IIEBC must address them… That is as basic an explanation as I can manage.

What course of action is open?

make sure that the judges poor judgement is highlighted over and over so that next time, they will pull their lazy arses and do their work

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To what end will such obsession be? And to be a realist, the issues pointed out by the court are easily addressable…because they were very minor! The best revenge is success. DP RUTO said it best, they had their day, ours is coming… Note the future reference. Uhuru’s swearing must precede OUR DAY. It is not a big deal, the issues raised by the court were minute and easily addressable!

let me tell you, had Njoki ndungu not roasted them, these pseudo nasa judges would have continued their nasa activitism. The IEBC would have addressed all their concerns but seeing as no election can ever be perfect, they can just decide that any error found is enough to nullify the election. Do not try to clean up this dirty win by nasa. that would be the biggest mistake jubilants can make

I do not doubt that the judgement will be highlighted over and over. I only doubt that Maraga will change his stand on such an occasion by and on its own. If in the next petition IIEBC will not have addressed the issues raised, it is not possible for the Majority to go against their own jurisprudence (read precedence). The IIEBC must address the issues raised…and they are, in my opinion, very petty and easy to address!

Katiba is such that until there is an elected president (with all powers of the office available) SCOK is untouchable. The win was dirty yes, the judges know that already. Bashing them is good. What I am suggesting is even better, have them swear Uhuru In!

but what message do you think your message above drives? nasa well deserved win? how was it well deserved? that was my problem with your otherwise good analysis.

Because until proven otherwise, the win is just that, a win! I will poke holes into the decision by the majority but still accept that NASA went to court and had election annulled. It is respect for the decision, not acceptance. We must be able to do that surely!

Asante ndugu lakini UOTP

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we can accept it was a win for nasa but a well deserved one? Never

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