See what this old foolish man said made him rape an 11 y.o...SMH

Dislclaimer: Semi - Long read but worth it…
Dislclaimer 2: Stolen from a naija website
[SIZE=5]I Saw An Image Of An Adult, Says 65-yr-old Man Who Defiled 11-yr-old Girl

[B]AS the girl sat on the edge of my bed, I turned and looked at her, but what I saw was not the young girl I knew. I saw a mature girl in her. I asked her ‘why are you turning to an adult?’, and she replied: ‘I did not turn to anything’.

This was the claim of a 65-year-old Mr. Bola Kehinde, a fire extinguisher repairer, residing at Inalende area of Ibadan, Oyo State, when he was arrested for defiling an 11-year-old daughter of his neighbour (names withheld) on Friday, March 6, 2015. The crime was reportedly committed at about 4p.m.[/B]

[B]According to him, “I live in the same house with the parents of the girl involved. She had always been a good girl because she used to run errands for me. She would fetch water for me, grind pepper or help me wash plates. Her older siblings used to do the same thing for me but she was more frequent with me than others.

“That day, she fetched four kegs of water for me and I gave a N100 note to an elderly neighbour to help me give the girl. I later saw the woman and she said she forgot to deliver my message to the girl. She promised to give the girl immediately.

“Later, the girl came to my room to inform me that the neighbour had given her the money and I asked her to go and keep it. She asked of other chores that she could for me. Meanwhile, I had taken a bottle of gin that afternoon. I asked to buy fufu for me but she returned to say she could not get to buy.

“I was busy gathering fire extinguisher bottles while she sat on my bed. Suddenly, I saw that she turned into an adult in my sight. I called her name and she answered me. I asked again whether she was the one sitting down on the bed and she replied in the affirmative.

“I don’t know how I could explain it. I asked her to leave but she did not go. I stepped out and came back into my room. I still noticed that she looked like an adult to me. That was when the problem started. I became aroused. I removed her pants and started manipulation her. She cried and told me it was hurting her. But I calmed her, asking her to relax.

“I later used my joystick to penetrate her but I could not go all the way. I was stuck midway. Though she started crying, I had lost control of myself. By the time I decided to withdraw my manhood from her, I saw blood gushing out of her private part and I became scared.

“I tried to clean her up and told her that I would treat her but she refused to heed to my petting. As her mother came into the house, she called her daughter and she answered from my room. That was how her mother discovered what I did.”

The man revealed that he had had two wives, each of them at a different time, but they had left him. “The second one left six years ago. I have five children with her but they don’t live with me. They come on visits and go.

“I have a lady friend and she comes once in a while. I don’t usually have sex with women because of my job but what happened with the girl I defiled, I don’t know.”

He also admitted that he used to drink alcohol and smoke cigarette.


Picha ya Kasichana ??

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Blue balls + alcohol = disaster

This is the second post you’re posting about child molestation,does it tickle your fancy ?

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Wewe homo kwani Kamiti prison amjalala…na simu umepataje haraka haraka ama ulipea charge wa jela rassa.

The mother to the kid should have educated the girl about dangers of visiting old mens room…i mean why allow ya girl child to be all free and easy with an old man…
All done that sick man deserves castration(he already has children,he doesnt need any more)

Could have been a trap. It’s known to happen… Maybe the dude had angukiad a tender to supply Nigeria zimamoto with fire extinguishers or he refused the moms DF attempts

In this world of opportunistic characters,u can’t rule out that possibility