See how this KQ pilot smoothly nailed a sideways landing in SERIOUS crosswinds

If you are short of time, jump to minute 8.25 and watch this KQ pilot land his bird like a true pro. But if you have time, watch the Emirates Airbus 380 take a go around in the strong winds. The Egypt Air pilot just before the KQ landing should go back to school

Capitalism can stretch it sometimes. They should have closed the airport in this one

Kali sana. But hajafikia some Emirates A380 lady captain who landed the plane at 45 degrees to the runway coz of crosswinds. The passengers on the left hand side window seats had a clear view of the run way until touch down when she drifted the plane and aligned it with the runway. Ili trend kiasi kwa internet.

The KQ plane is a very small one …for all I know nothing to celebrate here. Hii hata wangeita watu ka 50 wablow upepo with their mouths from the opposite direction to cancel out the crosswinds

A smaller plane will be harder to land because it doesnt have the mass(force) to overcome the winds. So it wants to float. A large plane has a bigger downward force.

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The KQ pilots landed like true professionals. I know the Captain, cool guy, ex classmate.

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KQ pilots when it comes to landing, they are the best. I wouldn’t say so for our ethiopian neighbors! Try flying DHC8 DASH8 with an an ethiopian, they literally drop that thing on the runway, ni kama hawakanyagi clutch na brake…

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