Security should not only be felt, should be seen too

[ATTACH=full]158759[/ATTACH] As the CIC leaves for a three day official visit to Uganda,the country has been left on very safe hands. Interprete this pic in whichever way you fancy talkers

Huyo ni uncle matiangi far right?

Psychofants. “dio baaba ni wewe dio baaba kabisa baaba”!

Then they’ll turn around and oppress the same people who gave the person in the plane the mandate to employ them.


A common spectacle in shithole countries. The same niggars who are unable to keep petty criminals out of the CBD. Security remains an illusion to the peasant masses the OP included.

Isipokuwa matiangi, mwathethe na boinett…who are the rest?:eek:

Jubilee power men.


I like

Chief wa c.b.d ndiye ameanza kwa line.

Afta Mwathethe is army comdr ,air force cmndr,boinnett, DIG k.p, DIG a.p, nbi county commissioner and prisons DG



matiangi anakaa tu bully :smiley:

Those ceremonial kofias for the county commissioners should be redesigned. They look awful and am sure those guys don’t enjoy wearing them. You should see them lined up…they look like mushrooms.

Nikiwa hizi job hii upuzi ya kuzindi mtu na kumkaribisha hapo kwa tarmac each time akienda na kurudikwa inaweza ni bore sana

wapi Ruto ? mimi kama ni msito matiangi nachapa salute pia .

they are blind men, we have seen them come n go. the system will misuse u n discard u. no one matters. nkaissery alisindikisa rais mara ngapi? mike sonko has been there, mwisho wanatomba county government yake. those police bosses bootlick politicians ndo watoi wao wasomee majuu, misusing their juniors ndo wakue allocated kashamba mahali,

Tragedy of the black man. Instead of using resources and time to solve unique problems affecting him, he uses them for crass displays.

I really used to look up to your posts. What happened bro?

Take Britain for example. You should relate. Do you ever see the prime minister being escorted by all manner of busy bodies? Including the chairmen of the local cattle dip and association of watchmen? I doubt if escorting the president is part of the job description of any of those busy bodies. Take the IG for example. There is a lot of reforms awaiting him at the police headquarters. Where does he get the time kufuata puppy kila saa?