secrets of nyeri and kikuyu land in

Kikuyu are wonderful creatures,it is well known that kikuyus and mostly people from nyeri are being beaten by their women…sorry, i mean we are beaten by our wives…this story started in 17th century during the era of wuui…Wui was a mad woman who used to demand sex from meN…the legend has it that she used to protect the rights of women,and anytime a woman was beaten by the husband,they used to call wuui,that is why kikuyu women call wuuuui to come rescue them in case they are in “danger”

in the 18th century another woman by the name of wangu wife of Makeri rose to rule kikuyu nation and at one point she became a "chief"she used to sit on men as she gave her speeches and legend has it that Wangu used to demand sex from well built up men…her era came to an end and she was buried at kombi in murang’a…

we as the kikuyu nation started supporting women empowerment and gender inequality before some tribes started wearing clothes,that is why we are strong and unbeatable


Have never heard of this Wui woman, let me do some research, will be back soon with my findings.

So when will this clobbering stop?

Likewise. First im hearing of Wui. Wa Makeri i know of. Its what i call the wangu’s that i am fond of.

Mtu alikupeleka Naivasha alikosa sana.


Kwani @wonderful wonder tangu uende naivasha umekuwa ukila samaki iliyouliwa na mbariki?


Wangu and Wuui are two different people according to the story.
rudi shuleni mwambie mwalimu wa kizungu akurudishie pesa

Ata the Great British (and they are a great race whether you like it or not!) They let Margaret Thatcher rule them in the 80s for almost 10 years… The fact that they have never allowed any other woman to be in charge since speaks volumes. Let us see what the Americans get if they decide to go with Bill` s missus Hillary. Just as well she is past her menopause … (just saying…)

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Budaboss, get your facts straight. The ‘wuui’ call, also known as ‘mbu’, was a battle cry that would echo through the ridges and rally the warriors to its source. The ‘17th century’ bit is the only fact there, since it was a countermeasure to the Maasai raids that were common at the time

In psychiatry what you are suffering from is described as “delusions of grandeur”

Ati wuui? Am waiting for the next instalment in this story of giants.


Nyama ya punda ni kitu mbaya sana


The one consistent feature in your posts Ni kisungu ikikupiga chenga…reminds me of Ronaldo dribbling past Oliver Kahn to score the second goal as Brazil won the 2002 World cup, memorable stuff.

Na hiyo story ya Wuui must be a Chinese narration.



And the clobbering continues

Wangu wa Makeri was a colonial chief, meaning she reigned in the 20th century with the backing of the colonists. So there was nothing special about her.

Hehe inakaa watu wengine huku hawachezangi na homework

Not to condone tri-ballism but pray tell, what are your community’s major achievements to date o_O

Tuwacheni ukabila waKenya. Our children`s children are counting on our Generation to End all this Tribal non-sense that benefits nobody.
We owe it to them to end this bigoted, unfounded Non-sense. - Mhenga Kabuda (2015)

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producing 3 of kenyas 4 presidents