Secret Service

[ATTACH=full]10270[/ATTACH] Hawa ni wale wabaya

Seal team ndio wazii. they take over if they much as smell a threat to POTUS.

She’s like -WAPI UYO KIDERO-

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Badass bitch! Huyo akikubali umkamue utatatii juu yeye ndie kusema.

I would count myself lucky to have this lady squirming under me and calling out my name in hoarse gasps…“oh mabendaaa mabenda ohhh my maben…am cumming …” then squirts all over my maharaj foam matress. Valid dreams


talk of fcuking the secret service, Osama who?

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kwanza hao seal wako wapi…no pics of them bana…

Are mostly deployed in high risk highly specialized activites

Is she the one who escorted Auma to the beast…alafu akasimama Kisolder ?

yes, she is the one, she gave me the chills

huyu ukijaribu kurukaruka na kufinya turasa kama fala ukiwa juu anakurusha “What the fukc are you doing? you wanna fukc this cunt till I cum. And is that a dick or a pimple? gerrarahia. Now!” she then reaches for her gun-shaped vibrator

Clearly you’ve got a vivid imagination or a good memory

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Y’all don’t understand, akikupea hakuna mtu atajua. That’s why ni ‘secret service’. The best you can lay.

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#Kalel. Hehe. Ati good memory

She looks like Carrie Mathison the lead character in HOMELAND series.

This pose was just the one!


She looks like she can chew nails with her vajay.