Secret millionaire wives: Poor husbands die not knowing their women were rich
Most husbands only learn that their wives had been secretly accumulating wealth either when they die or after a divorce. Patrick Wachira* lost his wife to cancer in 2004. The father of four sold some of his prime properties and his business suffered as he footed medical bills locally and abroad. By the time his wife was dying, he was financially drained.
But three months after his wife’s death, Wachira came to learn that his wife of 30 years had left a wide range of property to their children.

“It’s the children who told me their mother had Sh10 million invested in the money markets and a further Sh5 million in a life insurance policy,” says a shocked Wachira.
Ayub Odongo, a crisis communication officer, reckons women make and save money from spousal remittances and their many chamas.
“I checked my mobile money transfers and realised I send 70 per cent of my income to her. In the last three years, I sent her more than Sh6 million. I don’t see any of that money in my house.”
Ayub’s wife is in four chamas where members contribute between Sh2,500 to Sh10,000 monthly.
“I don’t know how much she gets or when she gets but I let it slide because I don’t want to look petty asking about chama za wamama.”
Frank Sabwa, a finance consultant with Achievers Kenya, says “men are risk takers, but women are very careful with finance matters.”
Citing data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, Sabwa says women save more than men although they earn less. According to the data, with regard to Kenyans who earn a monthly salary of Sh50,000, over 60 per cent are men compared to only 38 per cent of women while over 80 per cent men earn a monthly salary of Sh100,000 compared to women at 45 per cent.
“Men being providers, spend more on their families while women save their money.”
Even in divorce cases, apart from infidelity, the second most popular reason was that wives hide money.
In a divorce case in Western Kenya, a man with four fishing boats divorced after discovering that his wife secretly owned 12 boats.
In another case, a petitioner identified as DGN sued for divorce from ENN on the basis that apart from their joint businesses, she also secretly ran other businesses which made millions.
Part of the judgment reads: “He has made several serious accusations against the petitioner including stealing large sums of money (Sh3.5 million) from his companies; running some business secretly, that is, a fleet of matatus and retail business at Gikomba.”

In another case, a husband, ANM was granted a divorce from PJWM on the grounds “that the respondent lied about her income stating she only got a net of Kshs.30,000 while earning Ksh90, 000 which concealment he terms as cruel as he was forced to fend for the family single handedly even when he had no job.”
The Kenya Association of Investment Groups estimates that the over 300,000 chamas manage a total of Sh300 billion in assets. Most of them belong to women.
Vincent Abwao, the vice chair of Kenya Association of Investment Groups, says according to their data, more women borrow with structured thoughts on how to invest and pay back, while most men borrow just because the loan is available, or borrow to pay for things that won’t give them any dividends.
“Men borrow to buy land, to build a house or to buy a car. Those things are in no way giving them money to repay the loan. Men borrow to fulfill their obligations as providers and protectors, while women borrow to fulfill their desire to be financially independent from their husbands,” says Abwao.
Daniel Kimaita, who co-owns one of Kenya’s mobile loan Apps says “data shows that it’s safe to give a woman a loan, especially a woman in the village. They borrow Sh2,000 in the morning and by 3pm repay plus interest. Over 15 months, she borrows up to Sh20,000. Now, at a larger scale, imagine the women who borrow from banks and pay diligently? They are millionaires! It’s safer giving them money,” says Kimaita!
Pius Mwarandu, an elder based at the Coast, argues that a bright woman will always plan for the day the man won’t be available.
“Men should stop whining. If a woman has money, or has been saving money, there is no way on earth you can drop dead and your children will sleep hungry or drop out of school. The money will take care of them. “There is nothing wrong with a woman keeping some money aside for a rainy day, and she doesn’t have to disclose to you. It’s hers and her children. You are the man, take care of yourself. Keep something aside for your old age,” says Mwarandu.

A fool and his money are soon parted :D:D

I understand why some women would want to hide ‘some’ money…juu pale kwa ndoa pesa ni yenyu yote and most men are masters of spending cash recklessly: betting, drinking and the many spoils of life which = zero financial security
Also, from personal experience, you would tend to overlook some responsibilities if your wife is earning handsomely.

Lakini awa wakuficha millions that is malicious, fraudulent and in contempt…highly unacceptabo

This should not even be news. It has been happening since time immemorial. Most women save for a rainy day for their children. And with the SQ menace here upon us, we gorra wisen up. A man will add to his brood foolishly na huko nje and so lazima tujipange.
I read men here every so often saying that one should never let their wife know their full income. Hunh? most wives are well ahead of your game. A kazo of mine told me the other day that he did not think he would pull off the school fees when schools opened in January. Wallahi, his mama stepped in and cleared it all. So now he is determined to improve his money management skills as he has been providing for everything. He is also impressed with her.

On the other hand I know women who are stashing cash away na wakiulizwa wanasema hawana. Posted about this already.

Ongeza 2M ya kevo, 1M ya brayo, 3M ya stevo na 20M ya other beta chieth simps who responded to her texts after she urgently needed money

No cohabitation, No marriage, No LTR. I have no time for those cat and mouse with a woman. My money is my problem

I have been thinking of starting a log book loan business coz I have realized such businesses make money. I think now I will target women.

Back to the story, I see no problem with a woman hiding money as long as she is supportive. If I die I wouldn’t want my kids to suffer.

Shida iko hapa. Grinding so hard alone while the bitch is just enjoying the ride. She be calling you saying “hakuna unga” yet she has like 30K stashed away. Kama hatusaidiani na nijue she is hiding money I swear nafukuza.

Women who come from rich famikies hawananga hii tabia. Peasants ndio most affected. I will marry a lady from a rich family or I join team MGTOW for life!

Njaruo @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii your thoughts ?

I remember @FieldMarshal CouchP said that after years of providing faithfully for his family they dumped him in the garage and later left him.

Bishop Wanjiru also dumped James Kamangu after he fell on hard times. Yaani jamaa anakula mashida meanwhile bibi anashinda na President na Prime minister just earning millions… enyewe Kenyan women are on another level.

And the kids of these type of women are even worse. They are taught to hate their fathers.

Well from what I know and encourage my fellow men its time to wizen up…mimi nilijiambia kitambo ,if my wife saves in chamas,I save more than her 10times more .Its time men also looked after themselves, we have been for long, been neglecting ourselves to take care of our families. When shit hits the fan that’s when you know, you are on your own.

She saved 0 === 0
You will save 0x10 === 0

You are a genius man for giving the saving power to your wife, she controls how much you save :stuck_out_tongue:

[SIZE=7]Kamangu falls ill and dies in hospital[/SIZE]
Wednesday October 08 2008

"Go, get the doctors. I’m dying!” Those were some of the last words Kiambu cobbler–turned media celebrity James Kamangu Ndimu told his wife hours before he died at the Kenyatta National Hospital on Wednesday morning.

"Go, get the doctors. I’m dying!”
Those were some of the last words Kiambu cobbler–turned media celebrity James Kamangu Ndimu told his wife hours before he died at the Kenyatta National Hospital on Wednesday morning.
Last year, the little known man from Gachie near Nairobi emerged to claim one of the country’s leading televangelists was his wife.
Mr Kamangu went on to claim the paternity of Bishop Margaret Wanjiru’s sons, Stephen Ndimu and Evans Kariuki, who together with the bishop, disowned him.
The bishop, now an assistant minister for Housing, was last year elected MP for Starehe. And, going by a poster on Mr Kamangu’s wall, he might still have had feelings for the bishop.

Vomiting blood
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On Wednesday, Mr Kamangu’s common-law wife, Beatrice Mbaire, said the husband she lived with on-and-off since 1990 died less than 48 hours after he started vomiting blood at their Gachie home in Kiambu on Tuesday morning.

He had returned home the previous night at about 8pm and went straight to bed.
“He usually wouldn’t eat whenever he came home drunk. He would eat the following morning. So I didn’t find it unusual,” a sobbing Ms Mbaire told Nation.
On the wall of the small sitting room is this year’s calendar of Bishop Wanjiru’s campaign poster, complete with the ODM party symbol. It reads: “Vote Bishop Margaret Wanjiru for Starehe Constituency.”
“He’s the one who hung it (the poster) there last year,” Ms Mbaire said.

The poster is next to a rack on which are five ties. Ms Mbaire said the father of her children, Stephen Ndimu, 18, and 22-year-old step-daughter Alice Waithira, had been in good health all along.
“For the time I’ve known him, he’s never been seriously ill. He’s never been admitted to hospital,” she said.
“I had prepared rice and beans. But he went straight to bed, but woke up on Tuesday at 7am vomiting blood.”
Ms Mbaire said she walked him to Gachie Health Centre where he was referred, then admitted to Kiambu District Hospital.
“All this time he was vomiting blood. I bought him a pawpaw and milk, but he hardly ate. He was put on a drip and had a blood transfusion.”
Mr Kamangu was taken to Kenyatta National Hospital in an ambulance, and on arrival in Ward 3, Mrs Mbiare said, he “vomited blood heavily. He told me: ‘Mundu wakwa (My love), I’m dying. Go and get the doctors.’”
“After a chest X-ray, he confirmed to doctors he used to “drink heavy stuff”, but promised to stop drinking once he got well,” Ms Mbaire said.
“He said he wanted to visit the toilet, but was too weak, and relieved himself in a bucket. It was all blood.”
Only on Tuesday, Mr Kamangu had been telling his wife he would stop drinking.
“He told me he suspected the whole problem had been caused by alcohol,” Ms Mbaire said. She left hospital after midnight. “He wanted me to stay with him but the doctors asked me to go home.”
Last year, Mr Kamangu claimed he was Bishop Wanjiru’s husband through Kikuyu customary law and sought a refund of Sh3,000 bride-price in 1978.
His parents also said the bishop was indeed his wife as they had not divorced.
Mr Kamangu then produced birth certificates to support his claim, but the bishop and sons publicly denounced him.
In January, he told Sunday Nation he still hoped to reconcile with the bishop, and claimed they were in constant contact till 2003 “when things started changing”.
Mr Kamangu proceeded to court, a case that is still pending in the High Court.
During court visits, some transformation could be seen as the man started dressing more elegantly, and carried a briefcase. One day, he changed between court sessions. He turned into a celebrity, attracting large crowds.

According to lawyer Lawrence Kamau, following the death of his client, a case challenging the intended marriage of Bishop Wanjiru would now abate.
But he will consult the family and make a decision on a defamation case filed by Mr Kamangu against the bishop.
Mr Kamangu had taken the bishop to court seeking to stop her intended marriage with South African preacher Samuel Matjeke.

Since its filing, the main case was never heard as the bishop raised an objection, saying it should be taken to magistrate’s court and not the High Court.
This issue was argued by both parties in court and in the end high court judge Justice Benjamin Kubo ruled in favour of Kamangu, saying the case should proceed to full hearing.
The court said it had the right to hear the matter, contrary to Bishop Wanjiru’s protest.

Additional reporting by Oliver Mathenge and Jillo Kadida

Homosexual @T.Vercetti your point has been noted, stop over explaining yourself, we are not doing a research here




[SIZE=5]@uwesmake niache. I’m doing all these to remind you that you are still married to a Kikuyu woman.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Naona ukikula steel wool wewe mluhya. Mkiwa na @Abba .[/SIZE]


I recall some time back “arguing” with you on this; my point was married folks, both women and men, should always have a secret stash of money. Seems you changed your mind (or possibly, you were speaking subjectively about your personal circumstances)?

In a divorce case in Western Kenya, a man with four fishing boats divorced after discovering that his wife secretly owned 12 boats
Henyway lea watoto poa na ujibambe concurrently to the utmost. Zingine ni hekaya. Set your kids up for takeoff na wakienda don’t worry about them lookin back. Always jipange kimwanaume na secret cave, secret stash

You are a fool if you think I would give away my power .I bet you interpreted the post the way you wanted ,have it your way.

I agree. Men wajipende bana. Ukikaa kidogo you check out bonfire adventures and you pay for a package unaenda matembezi.

Some men believe they can never go for an outing without their families. Saa hio bibi zao wamejaa Garden City with their side hyenas munching on KFC chicken.

Provide and at the same time, have fun.

…Kenyan women are the most selfish creatures in the universe…