Secession Manenos!

Homa Bay Town MP Peter Kaluma drafts Bill on how NASA wants Kenya to be divided

Kwale, Lamu, Tana River, Samburu, kajiado, Narok, West pokot…

I know, right? Ata Nyamira

if that happens kenya will give africa 42 new countries

Meffi proposal

Ni sawa tu. Everyone is entitled to mourn RWNEBP in their own way.

Lakini who takes Ilemi triangle?

Why will Turkana wanna join the rest ? Si Nanok, akae pekee yake ?

unasema hii ni njia ya kaluma meno brown ku mourn??:D:D:D:D:D

Let the guy mourn in peace. Mtu apatie yeye Kaluma yake atulize uchungu kidogo


So now after seccession kale in the central Republic watakula mchanga juu wako properly outnumbered. Alafu huko kwingine kao watakula ashes juu westerners ni wengi. It can never work.

I support.

The 8/8/2017 elections showed this (though NASA and SC nullified them without proof):

Someone please post the 26/10 map. Only Kaluma would be allowed to have a Kalumastan at the extreme left, by the lake.

Peoples Republic of Kenya = Raila Fiefdom.

Yesterday, two more NASA counties — Vihiga and Kakamega —unanimously endorsed the formation of the broad-based national peoples parliament.
Siaya county, Raila’s home turf, was the first to endorse the motion stating the county does not recognise Kenyatta as President.

Hmmmm! ! ! Are these 3 counties, still awaiting budget allocation from the Central government ?

And who do they think they are to name our country Central RK? Kwani SSudan walijitoa na kusema jina ya main Sudan ibadilike? If we’re to seceed, it will be Kenya and Odinga Kingdom

iyo yote ndio jamaa akue prezda, so ,y question would be if that takes 20 years how will this benefit him. pale busia naona tukiwa na two states moja ya samias moja ya atesos just like migori

all this hustle ndio Raila akuwe tu President :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Coast is recreating its Sultanate where no shave November will be enshrined in Law
We will not be part of either the People’s or Central Republic of Kenya