Secession Action Causing No Reaction... Why?

I remember when MRC had a succession cause. Emotions were high on both sides. The government of the day did all they could to quash the cause.

Lakini the Ndii suggested secession seem welcome on both sides.

Is it because the loudly silent side secretly wish that this secession would actually happen?

yes we all want to see how proper governance should be as per them

Sasa nenda kauze mboga.

DO You expect serious people to go chasing every wisp of hot air and red herring?

u mean like Nyanza kavirondo seceding???anytime

they can go drying?

All I know ni Joho akisema ana seceded ataalikwa State House kukula ugali. Hii ya Kavirondo ni kama watu wanangojea kuambiwa pale watasign.

Leo ni ya reja reja, kifungo 10 Bob. Nikiletee ofisi?

munatusumbua na post za mavi bana?

Atakula mahindi kama alshabab. That will be against the strategic interests of the motherland. An enemy of the state.

you foolish mama mboga .yes repeat I am a foolish mama mboga. So I’m going to give fact by fact the benefits of the western region .
1.Did you know about 58% of kenyas foreign exports pass through western to Uganda and beyond?

The silent majority are fine with the west seceding cause they’ve proven to be a volatile troublesome people and it’s like a guarantee every election year they have to bring fracas and they tend to destroy infrastructure then complain of underdevelopment. Even in simple sporting events, like Gor Mahia matches, there will always be trouble. Coast is viewed as more ‘important’ cause of the ocean access/ports, tourism and they are rather calm and receptive people who make investors and govt feel more comfortable investing there. For the exports, other stations can be set up along the border that is not part of the seceded west or even through TZ. There’s a conditioning that the west have, that is unappealing to many people; visible even when they’re your neighbors in other parts of the country.

Knowing oneself is half the battle and intelligence is a gift not all are blessed with

Nyanza can secede. I will be the first person to sign. Waluhya msiende mahali lakini.

Waluhya mara hii wamechoka na Baba . If it was just luhya’s trying to get into presidency , they would have achieved it kitambo . They have achieved many more positions of power but for decades misled by their ‘brothers’ that wanacheswoo .

Coast brings benefits to the economy. Show me how Kenya benefits from… wacha niache tu.

If only one part leaves Kenya then others will follow… when the so called West leaves another side will automatically join the opposition and they will follow the trend again and again and again…

Where do those exports come from? If you’re landlocked you will also be recipient of exports.

Lol @uncle nyam are you retarded. You will be the recipient of the same exports. Enyewe as one said here, to follow baba, one must first get rid of any common sense in their brain

as if coast will be mngichland

Ever heard of strategic partner or hostile takeover? Go do your reading. Joho is not a prince, he is a partner. He is not connected to Kavirondo by the hip. So Kavirondians please secede on your own, we will be happy to help.