Searching for commuter motorbike

Hello guys, am looking for a commuter bike which I plan to do 60km a day. Am torn in between Bajaj Boxer X125, Yamaha Crux rev B, Honda Ace tuff and TVS HLX. Request for honest opinion. Thank you

Coincidentally, leo I have visited haojin and Boxer outlets looking to acquire a motorbike for someone who does some work for me.

All seemed impressive

It was until I hopped on a boda who owns a haojue that I got some really interesting insights. He told me wachana na haojue. And for Haojin, few spares outlets so spares ni expe. He told me that he used to work with a Boxer 150 and tells me it’s the best. Very fuel efficient (50km/ltr average)… very comfortable huskii mashimo na corrugation, good speed, good picking,

Tom manyee ndio team nduthi atakam

Hata mimi natafuta nduthi ya kuendea Kilgoris rough roads.

Nice… Will consider the specs although najipata nikienda Japanese manenos

Siukuizi I have seen guy are embracing kibo bikes… the look sturdy and sexy.

Choose one of these two. Although Honda has more support centers.

Hapo sasa… Crux iko 110cc vs Tuff 125… Yamaha can be a good bet but power? Although kwa mafuta najua si kalevi

The Boxer gives you your daily mileage at a liter per day. So very economical. Not sure if it can handle the strain though.
But I’d imagine that’s not going to be a very fine ride.

Kufika bei ya Kibo noma… Hio yataka NGO’s na courier companies or better still adventures. Mi nataka tu yakuendea mjengo


Sure, I hear crux can give 70km/lt… Hapo kwa fine ride siko sure considering its small engine and 4speed only, guess it can be vibrating alot at say 80km/hr

if it’s a daily driver, remember, a more relaxed you is a more productive you. try as much as possible to test and dont cheap out on your own comfort.

Nadai boda bei ya peasant

Chukua Honda Ace tuff. Is the misr reliable from that list

boxer is the one,am planning on acquiring one next year

Chukua Bajaj Boxer X150 - 5 Speed.

Bajaj Boxer
X150 or BM 150 UG

Call: Markholdings Kenya

Kagua hii link kwa WhatsApp. Utapata pics, na hata Bei.

70km/l and 4-Speed in one sentence?

Yeah in one sentence