You know me as the arbiter of truth
Keeper of the real
Lit than firestorm
Colder than 21 yr old master degree bitch that got ran on by naijas
remember i can still go berserk mode…
so gimme top tier quality avis and @Electronics4u , @Mundu Mulosi (btw uko wapi siku hizi) and @Deorro until now no gif aviz.
Seriously If you can’t do it then put it to the community to build the look…Start with banners for God sake how we ain got a ktalk banner competitions shows how much slack is going on here…

Reminds me of
Now that was sumthn

[spoiler={Screwplus}][ATTACH=full]124602[/ATTACH] [/spoiler]


Damn that ain bad…but f nothing comes up…it will do

what is kenyaniyetu never seen been their…did i miss out…
lemme get elevated kiasi…

Use your dump or arsehole, ferkin faggot…meffi

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This is meffi


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Go fuck yourself!!

Hizi Gif zako husinya sana

Please calm your bitch ass tits you ain getting shit for your voyouer fantasies faggots

I don’t cater to salty bitch niggas and be sure i don care about their feelings …
Seriously though yo some weak ass trolls and hating bitches…i have dissed yall in other threads am sure by now you should have picked something stop making it so easy bitches