Scotty amesema - 3 Worst Cars Only Stupid People Drive BMW, Msedes, G-Wagon

Upuss!!!.. Scotty sell absolute fear to the masses and they buy it, bmw make s very good cars, if you maintain the vehicle properly ,just ask @mikel .

@ochithunder disagrees with Scotty

Kubali for once kwamba kuna MTU anajua what he is talking about. 53 years around cars sii mchezo. Wacha fanaticism. I for one ni fanatic wa Subaru. However, deep down, najua they are shitty cars compared to say Hondas. I could buy another Subaru out of fanaticism but najua like for like, there are better cars than Subarus.

This guy talks as if he abused a lot of cocaine, tranquillizers, engine oil, horse pills, mushrooms and meth back in the 70s and 80s. Bado zinazunguka tu kwa brain yake.

Its only in Kenya where I have seen people seriously argue BMW is more reliable than Toyota’s. BMWs are fun to drive but you’re better off buying them when new and selling them in a few years otherwise you’ll be left holding a shitbox ukitoa machozi hapo

True, BMWs are for idiots. I found my car scratched in the morning and my investigations led me to some BMW X1 owner neighbour. I was told by the watchie that he is the one who had parked adjacent to me. On checking his car, it had a terrible scrape on the lhs rear quarter panel. Black paint residue was on my car. The X1 is black. The fool still denied scratching my car. Wtf is wrong with drivers who scratch parked cars?

I like the guy, blessing us with 50+ years of his knowledge

Upuss ,just cause you have repaired vehicles for 53 years doesn’t mean you know everything about cars , especially newer computerized cars,newer cars require better maintenance with quality parts ,most people use short cuts and screw themselves only to pay hefty repair bills and shout themselves hoarse how shitty German cars are…nb , Don’t confuse repair s and maintenance,compare comparable cars please

Pls nigga compare comparable vehicles, don’t compare Apple’s and pomegranate just cause they are “red”.

Peace be upon you.

Toyota car lovers. You can also dis cars altogether and take a bus, or train. People who dis car owners call personal cars “liabilities”. They call car owners, “stupid”. But if you catch them at the stage when it is raining, they want a lift, and will curse you if you leave them standing there in the rain waiting for a bus. Hata malaya sisi wanaume tunachaguanga. Ukitaka kwenda majengo, sawa. SJ ni sawa pia, mercury lounge pia sawa. People who dis mercs mwishowe watakuambia shimo mbaya ni ya nyoka.

I think BMWs and Mercs are good lakini watu husema ni mbaya because they buy them wakijua vizuri watastruggle kuzimaintain. Most of them zenye zimelala ziko middle class neighborhoods and not leafy suburbs because watu wa leafy suburbs can afford to maintain them. Don’t blame the car, blame your pockets. If you buy a car and yet you are not the target market, makeiiii lazima zifinywe. I know people who have driven Mercs and BMWs for decades without complaining, but they are also not peasants or middle class.

You know nobody


Am a cars fanatic too. Nime deal na magari sana. One vehicle i wouldn’t recommend even to my worse enemy is a Subaru esp the older ones. Those thing had Head Gasket / Overheating issues. Unless they fixed that issue siwezi recommend. I like them for being 4x4 zippy cars though. Did they fix overheating issues?

Weka dash cam mbele na nyuma ya gari. It will catch action ukigongwa mbele ama nyuma. Also dash cam can save you from shaddy cops kukuekelea makosa haziko.

Sawa Kimenyi…my personal biographer who knows who I know and don’t know.

Planned obsolescence has been an issue in recent times. Goods manufactured to be replaced every few years. If you’ve been paying attention, the right to repair movement has recently gained popularity in the US. Right to repair is a necessity in Africa

If there people who own and drive Alfa Romeos daily.