Scientific fact of the day


kua mpole, utaudhi godbotherers

Watu ya sky daddy :smiley:

Who created all this then?

I still don’t understand how someone whose interests span astronomy and astrophysics gets boxed in by fools reading from a book full of contradictions, fallacies and patently fictitious stories.

not a muzungu mzee with white beard… tutumiange akili

Wewe vile hujanijibu, umetumia akili?

Allow me to decipher your question. When you ask “who” do you want me to say god? Your god,muslim god,hindu god or many other cultic gods? Clearly you are asking from a christian point of view and it’ll be futile to ask if you acknowledge other religions since that’ll mean going against yours. Assuming i say yahweh,what makes you think allah ,buddha,enki,and other 28million deities from all world sects will agree to YOUR thinking. I know YOUR christian god created it and YOUR religion is the true one…according to you…but what do japs think ?. Religion is a farce if you all can’t agree on A god. Humans will come up with scenarios of how the universe was created but to be honest no one really knows,its just assumptions with no proof. Kubali unapumua and hope to live the next day. If prayers and worshiping an invisible individual is your forte,mine’s a good shot of a fine drink and not meddling in things i dont know


you who easily forgets… you were talking me out against the exact same thing right here.

I take it you don’t clearly know your stand. part of you knows the truth but you are too stubborn to admit it

Please remind me . Ama ni ile time ulikua suicidal ? How is dispatching yuaselefu a religious attribute? Even sky daddy abhors that shit. I just hate condesending , sanctimonious religious mufkrs who think that THEIR religion is the shït and it needs to be shoved down throats,hence my rambling . I respect buddhism,(im not a member) more than anything ju it clearly instills on way of life not fear from an angry non existing god

You know what, you are right :smiley: in your own way

Hawa atheists ni kama faggots. Always utilizing the an opportunity to shove their paganism down nigga’s face. Nobody has mentioned nothing about Christianity but kinyos and company washajump in na kufanya conclusion

Mambo jim thanos. Sky daddy hates you,wacha hasira. This is what im talking about,mbona hamuezi turn the other cheek like the dude who was stuck on the plus sign? Makasiriko aiseh:D

Your fellow christian took that route by asking…

I say johnson & johnson,wewe unaonaje? Shoga ni wewe na hio mkundu yako,bladfacken:D:D:D[COLOR=rgb(209, 213, 216)][SIZE=1]Yeah i’m pissed[/SIZE]

Why are you an atheist? One reason?? Na matusi sio fiti, chorea

Pole kwa matusi,it was not intended.I apologize
No im not an atheist…thats labelling. Don’t ask what i believe in and why, ju hutafraia,its like me asking why blue is not pink…irris what irris.
Im a man and a father i dont label myself nor take sides. If the rest of mankind decides to worship unseeable beings ,its their perogative, Just not tell others how they gon get effed up at some point just because a book told them. Worst part is the bickering amongst sects,jews,muslims,xtians,JW, none likes the other side. So,why bother? I just sit back and watch mankind rip itself to shreds…all because of faith

Now i see your point