Schools should abolish these stories

schools ought to revise the story books they refer
to parents to buy gor their kids. The story of Sleeping Beauty glorifies unbecoming and indeed illegal conduct. Sleeping Beauty was given
an apple that was clearly laced with some form of date -rape drug. She then falls unconscious and a Prince
takes advantage of her while she is in a coma ; by kissing her . This tale not only subliminally encourages boys to use of date -rape drugs; but it also creates the impression that poor girls can only gain achievement in life through intimate relations with rich
men. Cinderella is a poorly educated girl , whose only qualifications revolve
around cleaning and house
management. Yet she ends up
marrying a Prince. This is why so many men these days end up having sexual relations with the house -help … because since childhood they have
heard this Cinderella story and have therefore developed a fetish for dalliances with domestic helpers.its so evident in the society nowadays. naomba serikali iingililie hii

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@Wakanyama kuja hapa mtu amekutusi!

do you know who has invented the condoms which change color when they get into contact with am infected partner? they are #teenagers. mtu mzima ashaifikiria kitu kama iyo kweli? let our kids explore the world and change it to be a better place; mi naona iko tu sawa!!

Ol monk hapo ujachocha, TELEMUNDO is the channel being watched in many homes the whole family being glued to the Alehandros rolling their tongue inside Lolas’ mouth then getting wild after that!! Waanze na TV kwanza!!

Tafutia mtoi wako academy ingine haraka upesi kama hizo ndizo story book wanatumia. Those fairy tale books were last used in the early 90s. Recommended story books from class one to eight are by local writers.
sample this class one booklist


Nikicheka anacheka??? No wonder watoi wa siku hizi niku lol lol tu.

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LMFAO @Meria Mata iyo list yako ni kali heri cinderella sasa; ati the books they need are ;

  1. no NUTS here
  2. Nikicheka Anacheka
  3. Mwili yangu
  4. My Turn
  5. Mrembo the ant queen
  6. etc etc
    Hehehe; ama am I the only one?
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#8. My Turn.
Makes me wonder is it my turn to DFHKMBLNKN?

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Nivile tu kwa hiki kijiji fikla nyingi hua twisted, btw you missed “mwili wangu” hahahaha

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Lawrence Mathenge…!! Eeeeh can’t you be more creative? I know it’s not your name bur…it’s kinda flat! Am thinking Lawrence Mathica_GI! Like it?

Na hii ya class 2 mta sema aje?

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Ya class 2 iko atleast. Ya class one is more perverted. But hii ya class 2 ati “Hare and the big one” (a big dick ama nini?); ati “mcheza karata” ? (Sounds like a porn star); ati maafa kijijini juu ya ku Dry Fry sana ama?
. HAhah Noma!!


Ngai Mwathani, i should take you to K.I.C.D. hapo Ngara, perharps you can teach them a thing or two before they certify the books our kids use. ata siweki ingine, hehehehe


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ai boss… kwani mtoi wako ako braeburn?

Nilikua nasoma The Sun and the Wind by Ann Matindi na Jua na Upepo by the same author, kutoka class 1 mpaka 4. By the time nilikua class 4 i could recite both books. The only substitute i had was Majuto ni Mjukuu which i rarely read. Hizo vitabu zooote kwa hio list mtoto wa class 1 atacheza saa ngapi, kuchora, kumould…?

Maafa kijijini has some shitty kaoish Swahili, I banned it in my house, although the story line is on point talks about vifo vinavyosababishwa ja pombe haramu.

old monkey unajua tofauti ya new mexico na mexico?

si unajua vile nyama ya Naivasha hufanya watu…

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coward is the word.