What terrifies you most in your dreams? I get terrified and hysterical when I dream about water masses.

When i’m jumping fro rooftop

This recurrent dream that the car I’m driving has no brakes.

I’ve had so many scary dreams zingne ata naamshwa nikipiga nduru but it all ends once am awake. Narudi usingizi kama kawaida tu

The first time I had sleep paralysis, I almost reconsidered my disbelief of religion.
Karibu nirudi kanisa kutoa madimoni.
Glad there was Google.
Knowledge is power.

I often dream that I am falling into a v big hole. Me and my boys then each time I try to get out I slide back. My hubby has to wake me up because of screaming. I would like to know the meaning of this horrible dream.

I rarely dream nowadays since I rarely go to sleep sober, but my bad dreams like yours also involve large water bodies. Drowning in a bottomless black ocean, I keep sinking deeper and deeper, I can hear roaring and there is a giant eye watching me from the depths…

Ndoto ata haishtui.
Besides sleep paralysis, the scariest thing is something called GERD. Unaamka kama umepigwa shock kwa makende gasping for air.

Mine is usually so bad and in most cases that is the time I wake up.

Since i did my O level , quite some years back ,I keep on having this funny dream. Waiting for a very crucial exam,which i haven’t revised for.Am very much worried since i don’t want to fail. Oneirologists in the house help

Osha roho yako ikue safi you will just be ok

I often dream of falling from a high place like a plane and landing safely on my feet or in style

Huyo madam aliku block kitambo , accept and move on keyhii

I always dream about going to the parking lot only to find my car missing…

When I used to be a heavy drinker there was this dream where am driving at 160kph then the bonnet of the car suddenly opens and slams on the windscreen blocking my view.Now here I am trying to bring the car to a stop,the car wont stop and I cant see where am going.Used to come almost daily,hata nikienda kuchukua powernap kwa gari nikiwa na hangover job.

Mkubwa how is this terifying? Ama unaishi kwa gari?

I know that mbilikimo,thanks.

I’ve had sleep paralysis three times but this GERD thing really shook me.
I woke up gasping for air and didn’t go back to sleep.

Hehehe. Hapana.
I mean nakuta kama ishaaibiwo.

Kwani nobody dreams of reaching threshold?