Scary Aeroplane landing

[SIZE=6]KLM flight endures turbulent landing in Amsterdam as strong winds force plane from side to side [/SIZE]


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Thats very scary… I have never gotten used to take offs and but its landings that I dread most, I always find myself very tense, remembering God, silently praying, gripping very hard on the armrests and all while releasing some small small farts.


…releasing some
small small
How do u manage to preserve/store them, from take-offs and until landings…?

Hizo ni ponyoks

si kukiwa na turbulence utahara sana sana juu ya deserts

Someone must have cleared their bowels all over his/her seat… That looked scary AF.

I dont mind landings but take offs is another story kwanza when the plane is fighting with gravity all engines firing at their max but the plane feels like its stuck in the air with its nose facing upwards. I always gwt the feeling we will slide back to earth

I always reserve the front seats in economy class. 40 minutes into the journey and 3 small bottles of absolute vodkas are already in my system. Hata turbulence iwe size gani, I feel nothing.


The front seats always help… Absolute is off the table as I have been of alcohol since August 15 last year

winh seat window. I feel like sitting hee watching the engines and wings I will spot trouble early enough nijipange haraka upesi. I have watched how the pilot plays around with the flaps on the wings doing different manouvers that I am almost sure I can build a plane with Subari outback engines


:D:D:D:D:D:D… Njoki Chege akikuskia ataweka hiyo comment yako kwa gazeti

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