SBT Japan

Anyone ever dealt in this site to buy a car from Japan? Is it genuine? I asked for a quatation online,minutes later someone called me. what is the procedure?


They are genuine but very aggressive, once in a while there might be some delay or mix up of documents since they handle very many units and nobody will want to take responsibility.
You can try delights japan not as agresssive.

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hizo simu utazipata mpaka ulie, ni kama a jilted Ex, be prepared


how genuine are they? How cheap are they compared to Mombasa?


Yes its completely genuine…you will not have to worry about loosing your money.

They are very genuine and yes you can bargain, don’t take the price offered

they will be calling you even after five years and yes they are very genuine.


hahah really??? Damn!

I like that aggressiveness. Its a competitive world.

I like that aggressiveness. Its a competitive world.

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watajua niko na experience ya sales

eager to know


sasa kama mnanunua gari mtumba lazima muanike hapa?

yako mpya iko wapi?


mtu wa bike nyamaza

Ulisema unatuletea mbicha za weekend omwami ama pia wewe umeakuwa team hekaya?

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A consistent complain I’ve heard from pals who import cars as a business is that generally, Delights’ units tend to be high mileage. Check on that.

True some of their imports are upto 250000 odometer. I cant buy any car over 70K in mileage