SBF Jailed for 25 Years

Huko Bidenstan hawacheki na wezi banae. Sam Bankman Fried jailed for 25 years!!

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Onyi amefurahi amepata nyama fresh


Angekuwa Kenya he would be governor by 2027 because we are a banana republic.


Fried has been fried


Hope ghaseer hid some crypto money somewhere. Na akumbuke passwords after 25yrs. Jamaa aliosha wasee bana. Saw his documentary…some witty kid behind a computer

kdogo sana, he will go to a white collar prison. Very easy life

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25 years is easy life? For someone who was used to living in a yatch?


@cortedivoire someone beat you to the punch

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In crypto its called a seed phrase… not password.

[quote=“Gaines, post:1, topic:476276”]
… banae. Sam Bankman Fried jailed for 25 years!![/quote]

Only Uncle Donald is above the law. That guy could strangle you in New York Streets and still be elected Prezzo

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Yeye ni gay. Probably he will enjoy it

An exit strategy is never their forte.

25 yrs huwa ni life imprisonment. very few people huwa wanatoboa.