Saving money to order freesat satellite receivers now

This is Shirley from WINSAT, freesat satellite receivers original manufacturer.
All freesat satellite receivers are in stock, from Sept 25th to October, all models in acitvity price.

Freesat V7 HD: FTA DVB S2,
Freesat V7 max: FTA DVB S2
Freesat V7 combo: FTA DVB S2+T2

Freesat V8 super: DVB S2
Freesat V8 golden: DVB S2+T2+Cable
Freesat V8 finder: HD satellite finder
Freesat S905X: 2G+16G

If you are interested in, contact me for discount price.


Sales Dept.
[B]Skype: yuwhua03

Whatsapp: +8618124620477
Canton Fair: 4.1 Hall, M10 time: October 15th to 19th[/B]

Where are you located? Hehehe

Give us prices here so that we can compare

team FTA kimbieni hapa.

shenzhen, China. We are freesat factory. It seems can’t send website information here. you can add me on skype: yuwhua03 or whatsapp:+8618124620477

contact me privately for discount. my whatsapp: +8618124620477 skype: yuwhua03

not only FTA, we also have others. For kenya market, our freesat v7hd, freesat v7 combo and freesat v8 finder best hot sell


Haha, thanks you can add me on skype or whatsapp for online contact

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can you add me on skype or whatsapp? skype: yuwhua03 whatsapp:+8618124620477

give me specs of v7combo


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