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Male-On-Male Rape Epidemic in Obama’s Pro-
Deviancy Military
by Bryan Fischer
September 19, 2014
One of the things we predicted when the
infamous crime against nature was dropped as a
bar to military service was an inevitable descent
into moral and sexual debauchery in our armed
And we were right.
Homosexual conduct is immoral, unnatural and
unhealthy. There are a host of pathologies
associated with male homosexual conduct,
including random, promiscuous, anonymous sex,
a highly elevated risk of HIV/AIDS and a
proclivity toward sexual violence.
This is not a lifestyle any rational society, let
alone its military, should embrace or support.
Now we are getting more information about just
how twisted and dangerous this lifestyle is.
According to the Daily Mail , a prominent
newspaper in the UK, male on male rape in the
United States military is reaching epidemic
Absorb this tragic excerpt:
When a man enters the military he is ten times
likelier to be sexually abused, and in 2012 alone
there were an estimated 14,200 reports of male
Read that again. A man who enlists in the United
States military is ten times more likely to be on
the receiving end of sexual abuse than if he
remains in the civilian population. The risk of
being raped jumps a staggering 1,000 percent.
Our military has become a playground for sexual
predators, a veritable smorgasbord of victims for
homosexuals on the prowl.
It would be stupendously stupid not to accept
the plain fact that, as the public becomes aware
of these sordid and tragic realities, recruitment,
retention, readiness and morale will plummet.
Here are some excerpts from this article:
In a recent GQ article, more than a dozen
veterans and current service men came forward
to tell of their sexual assault, and how the
military institution failed time and time again to
bring their predators to justice or get them the
psychiatric help they needed…
Steve Stovey, Navy: ‘As a man, I can’t perform
the way I used to. I just feel damaged. All I
remember, along with the pain, is the slapping
sound of being raped. I try to make love to my
wife, but I can’t – I’m triggered. I’m traumatized
by that sound.’
This is problematic since men are much less
likely to report these incidents, leaving their
attackers in positions of power and keeping the
pain inside to boil over into other relationships.
The power structure within the military also
makes these attacks more prevalent, because
men in lower ranks may find it hard to report
their attackers if are superiors.
‘When a gunnery sergeant tells you to take off
your clothes, you better take off your clothes.
You don’t ask questions,’ former Marine Sam
Madrid (name changed) said…
Kole Welsh, Army, 2002 – 2007: ‘I had actually
let the assault go, because I didn’t want it to
interfere with my career. I wanted to be an
officer, and I just said, “Bad experience, won’t let
that happen again.” But there was some residual
damage. A month and a half later, I was brought
into a room with about nine officers and told,
“You’ve tested positive [for HIV].” I was removed
from the military and signed out within a day. It
was a complete shock…’
And when the men aren’t silencing themselves,
the military is doing it for them by discharging
victims for misdiagnosed personality disorders
and letting their attackers continue to serve.
Trent Smith, Air Force, enlisted 2011: ‘He was a
senior aide—he had a direct line to the top.
Being invited over to his house, I just took it as I
should go. Looking back, I ask myself, Why didn’t
you do anything? It wasn’t like he held me down
or tied me up. I didn’t want to cross him. I really
didn’t feel like I had any choice. I had just turned
19. It could be my career. I froze and went along
with it.’
Because sodomy is now a most-favored sexual
proclivity in President Obama’s military, male
victims of rape have no one to tell without
placing their military careers in jeopardy.
And they have a vanishingly small chance of
getting justice if they do complain. “[T]he
military justice system…has only convicted 7 per
cent of all MSP cases that go to trial, which is
why an estimated 81 percent of victims never
even report.”
In other words, in 2012 there were almost
certainly more than the 14,200 male-on-male
rapes that we know about. Our military has
become a cesspool of homosexual degeneracy.
“Meanwhile,” concludes the Daily Mail, “the
victims continue to suffer in silence.”
Here’s what GQ says on this subject:
Sexual assault is alarmingly common in the U.S.
military, and more than half of the victims are
men. According to the Pentagon, thirty-eight
military men are sexually assaulted every single
day. These are the stories you never hear—
because the culprits almost always go free, the
survivors rarely speak, and no one in the military
or Congress has done enough to stop it.
And according to GQ:
Men develop PTSD from sexual assault at nearly
twice the rate they do from combat…Military
sexual trauma causes a particularly toxic form of
PTSD. The betrayal by a comrade-in-arms, a
brother in whom you place unconditional trust,
can be unbearable. Warrior culture values
stoicism, which encourages a victim to keep his
troubles to himself and stigmatizes him if he
doesn’t. An implacable chain of command
sometimes compels a victim to work or sleep
alongside an attacker, which can make him feel
captive to his suffering and deserving of it.
A weakened, enervated, morally eviscerated
military compromises its ability to do its job and
it makes us all less safe.
Bottom line: it is long past time to reinstate the
ban against homosexuality in the United States
military. Our national security depends upon it.


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