Kuna mtu amewai onja chicken sausages, how do they taste and would you buy them

Niza farmer’s choice? So used to the kawa spicy ones

Asande for the feedback…

sidhani nazijua, where can i get them

Nataka kuanza kusupply

If only you knew how sausages are made … haungewahi kula sausage tena

I don’t. Please explain how they’re made @vuja de I see if its bad enough to break my addiction…

Hebu explain, i’m curious

Ni kama ile watu walikuwa wanadai ati chapo za restuarants zinatengenezangwa na msee amevaa gumboot anajump jump kwa dough


Watu wana worship sembe na kuhate wot we like ni wengi.poleni mlio zaliwa nje ya jiji ama jiji jus incase.npewe likes if you feel me

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No wonder huwa tamu hivyo…

On Point:D:D

I see nothing wrong with how they are made and it usually doesn’t take a whole lot to gross me out

You never know when the craving strikes,

Sometimes back when I was staying in Gachie I used to eat kichwa ya mbuzi in some local daily till one day while receiving a call i strayed to the back yard and saw the the heads piled together, some rotting, boss, usiwahi taka kujua how these things are prepared.

^^^those “thubu” & “Karuthia” places hold secrets that would make you puke for days hehehehe, worst I have heard is a dead cat discovered in those big sufurias , only reason they poured it out was the fur , otherwise the soup itself was extra creamy

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apo utakua umetupa pesa, they taste like shit.

Enda kiamaiko near kariobangi, utapata kichwa ya mbuzi fresh. Though you must be brave kutembea that place.

It will take a while ndo nikule kichwa ya mbuzi.

am a sucker for kichwa mbuzi…