saumu sonko follows the dads footstep

Senator, Mike Sonko’s daughter,
Saumu Sonko, seems to be
following her father‘s footsteps
and has joined politics.
Saumu, who is studying at Jomo
Kenyatta University, Karen
Campus, is vying for the Vice
Chair position in the upcoming
student elections for the Jomo
Kenyatta University Students
Organisation (JKUSO).
It seems she is quite popular
since our sources reveal that her
candidature is uncontested since
nobody is interested with the
Vice Chairperson’s seat.
Although she refused to speak to
journalists after her father told
her to keep off the media, Saumu
has expressed confidence that she
will clinch the seat in the
upcoming campus elections.
Sonko has tried to clip the wings
of his daughter and it is not clear
whether she will allow her
contest the seat.

Kitunguu saumu

ai jamo…ni mtoi wa sonko anaitwa hvyo…