Saudi barbarians starving Yemenis.

:D:D:D How do you even simp for Americans and their allies?
I kiff up.
Long live Xi and Putin.

Iran should feed them. They give the Shiite Houthis AK-47s but no food or medication.

And asking Saudi to feed Houthi rebels is like asking Uhuru to feed Shabab babies.

@Bingwa Scrotum hebu kuja hapa kiasi …

Usiniiite, I hate Saudis

The irony … is quite ironical.

Are Saudi not Arabs who you align yourself with that race.
So sad humans forget we are born mortal. We are here for a short period of time.
The biggest threat for world peace is religion. Zionist are fighting against Palestinians, Muslim against Muslim,Christian against Muslim, Christian against Christians.


Hii kitu ni very straightforward. This is the map of Saudi and Yemen. Neighbors. As you can see Iran iko mbali kiasi.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=5]Houthis are Shia like Iranians. This is the region they control.[/SIZE]


As you can see it is a very strategic position next to the port or sea shore and very near to Iran’s second worst enemy Saudi Arabia.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]If Iran could make that area autonomous they would flood it with Hezbollah and terrorize Saudi and the adjacent regions including East Africa proper. And that is a very important sea route for Saudi especially oil.


Saudi Arabia waache kusumbua,mafuta huisha

and don’t forget, the tormentors will just kneel down say a hail mary, and their sins are forgiven, and will go to the next life to eat milk and honey.
but if the boy dies and hadn’t repented of his sins, poof, goes to hell to continue suffering

And the Muslim suicide bomber will go to heaven to fück 72 virgin.
@Bingwa Scrotum hao mavajo tutakuwa mna watomba na nini na hamna mboro juu mulizilipua . Ama mtakuwa mna wamanga through reverse osmosis. :D:D:D

This was bound to happen seeing as they use majority of their water to grow Khat instead of food crops.

Mboro hailipukangi na haichomeki… natransition intact and ready