Saturday Night Movie

Watching this on Dstv to kill time.
Its so bad…so so bad!

I got this last week and was super excited by the posters. IT IS THE WORST!


@nairobilay your innocence hasn’t been taken away from you like mine was. You clearly saw Tara Reid’s name. I had no warning signs.

The name sounds nigerian am doing a rerun of the boondocks never gets boring

Napunguza Scorpion kwa to watch list.

When you saw Dean Cain what did you expect? :smiley:
And its not like i was expecting some avatar-level stuff with this movie of mine.

@nairobilay Dean Cain was a good Superman like Sylvester Stallone was a good Rambo. Tara Reid was never a good anything! :D:D:D:D

You got molested because you went into the unmarked van for candy. I was just walking home from school when I was grabbed.

The only black guy in the movie is already dead…Shark already ate him. So only white people are left…although Danny Trejo just showed up. Mad diversity :smiley:

Which one? The one with Dwayne Johnson?

Dean Cain was a shitth superman…guys only watched the show because we thought Terri Hatcher was fine back then. And the girls liked looking Dean Cain. But he has always been a crap actor

:D:D:D:D hater


Hii hapa so far sijaona the rock
The Rock namuona tu kwa Ballers (2015) saa hii.

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on the real though @junkie why do you download porn? Its ALWAYS a click away! there’s so much of it available online that you never need to clog your disk space with files and files of it!

ballers iko juu


My bad, I thought you meant this one …


i torrent the premium crap that you cant stream,i prefer downloading so that i can skip right to the good stuff :D:D

@junkie wtf is “premium” mean? EVERY porn genre is freely available online ALWAYS, ANYWHERE! Unless you still have an @aol email address and have a Filipino nurse running your bath right now, I hope you don’t think that you have to pay for porn anymore. Porn is just porn. Don’t matter what you wanna see. Its all just porn. The word “premium” ranks on the the same level as “fat free”. DEUCES!

Plus, if you need to skip scenes, thats what the marker on your video track is for breh.

If Hollywood was a kenyan invention, dudes would have closed shop and died of bankruptcy ages ago!
At times buy some, legitimately, @junkie

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as a bonafide wanker i can tell you there are some genres you only get previews (5-7 mins) thus you need to torrent to get full versions (35 mins)