saturday morning

Used to wake up bright and early to watch classics like [ATTACH=full]5461[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]5459[/ATTACH]

then what happened?

Classics indeed…hizi za siku izi ni upuzi tupu…

Life happened

and then?

When I woke up bright and early it was to tender to my duties, the first being milking two cows. I dare you to top that

how much did you bid?

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I knew someone would point that out. Kizungu ni ngumu bwana…I still can’t think of the correct word

@Owuadn kuja hapa ufundishe hii mujamaa maneno, hiyo grammar yake pia iko na chinda


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I bet I can: picking coffee somewhere in the general neighborhood of the big mountain, on cold drizzly mornings.

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That used to be my first duty before my dad decided to cut down all the coffee bushes we had

Kuchuna sukuma 5-6am. Going firewood (gĂşthiĂ® ngĂş) 6-8am before askaris wake up. Then breakfast.

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maanake umeshazeeka…

Its a shame that the pollution this nigga was fighting against has become so prevalent…

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