Sato fun ideas

Am up so early today where can I go, any suggestions. Be nice

where are you? you see i can’t suggest you go hike up Tumu Tumu hill if you’re 300 klicks away

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He he…those ideas ; ending up in bed, i would like more options

Am in nairoberry… nothing intense such as hiking n biking

go to Rolfs place with friends and try paint ball shooting

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Kwani sisi ni entertainment managers wako?Kama hauna kitu ya kufanya lalisha makei.

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Nice one. I like

Nice place beer is 200 bob and food is good, nice scenery, Maasai Lodge is a few meters ahead and there is a swimming pool after the shooting game with friends

what about shagging and banging?

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Reasonable enough. Let me call up some gals n guys. U could join us if you like :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I will be there who knows :stuck_out_tongue:


[quote=“gashwin, post:11, topic:56839”]

what about shagging and banging?

But can’t do that all day long … Sounds intense too[/QUOTE]

Alone or with company or with ua Ktalk chick?

hehehe in Ktalk the admins are the alpha males therefore they take all the pink handles. Will be around those sides with my wolf pack (Hangover I , the movie) during the day

OK I am going to lookout for that wolf thingie:)

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Nameberry1 you r lucky ur not working… :(…Enjoy

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Do u work till 1pm? Its hard to be that random if u work on satos so the only option is to go hang out in the pub after jobo

I need some pity sex kitty.If I remember right, you said you can gladly offer a guy some.